4 Lack of Color Felt Hat Dupes

There have been multiple requests for me to do a post on felt hats- specifically ones similar to the Lack of Color hat I’ve recently shared on my feed!  I spotted this Lack of Color hat last year and didn’t purchase it then (wish I would have) even though I really loved the design of it.  Finding good hats is especially hard, right?! I’ve ordered plenty and they arrive crushed or bent or the cute image on the website just doesn’t translate to your actual head when it arrives.

Let me start by saying, this was NOT my experience with the Lack of Color hat.  It came in a stunning, white hat box (not sure if this was specific to the retailer I purchased it from) and I could immediately feel the quality when I pulled it out of the box. It is much stiffer than any other felt hat I’ve had and since I’ve had it for over a month now, I can really speak to the quality.  Having said that, it is pricey for a hat so today I wanted to round up some very similar options at lower price points and also pull together several retailers that have the Lack of Color hat in stock.  It continues to come in and out of stock so I want to provide you some options!

From a styling perspective, I love that a felt hat can evoke a bohemian vibe one day and a chic, classic vibe the next (depending on what you wear with it obviously).  It’s the perfect way to give any outfit that wow factor and just little something extra, you know?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

Lack of Color Hats

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