Designer Wish List- Investment Pieces That Will Stand the Test of Time

I don’t know about you but I pretty much always have a mental wish list of designer items.  My assumption is that it comes from years working for Neiman Marcus…I really came to appreciate the craftsmanship and story behind designer collections and can recall each designer purchase I’ve made over the years- many of which I still own (and wear!) today.

My taste leans toward classic pieces but I really feel strongly that when making a luxury purchase, this rule is something to adhere to.  The reason behind this is that sticking to the classics will lend to longevity.  You’ll ideally wear that investment piece for years and then be able to resell it or wear it again when it inevitably comes back in style. There are exceptions to this rule of course but Chanel and Gucci are great examples of this concept.  My Mom had Gucci loafers when I was growing up and here we are again with the  the Princetown loafer being one of the most sought after and popular designer shoes.  Chanel is on another level as the resell value continues to be on the rise making it an actual investment to consider.  I spoke about this in detail in this post here!

So back to my Wish List!  Will I buy all of these?  Maybe!  But not anytime soon.  Typically I make 1-2 designer purchases annually.  We save and budget for them- Austin has also been known to give an amazing surprise gift every now and then!  The purchases are carefully thought out and usually are items that have been on my list for years.  I think my Givenchy Antigonia was on my wish list for almost 3 years before I actually purchased it.  Occasionally a few drop off my list over the years (the Gucci Marmont handbag is an example of this) but more often than not, items remain on my list for the long haul until I slowly check them off.

When buying designer, I always invest in shoes or handbags because they are items you wear ALL the time.  Buying a high end designer skirt or dress that I’d wear only a few times doesn’t jive with my budget or seem practical to me. So I stick to what I know and love best! One caveat to this is designer jewelry which I do love (and have a very small and very specific wish list for) but for this post, I’m sticking to shoes, bags and accessories.  So let’s break these down…

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  • Nude Bag– I’m such a fan of my black YSL bag and have been eyeing a nude one for about 6 months.  I’m not exactly sure the shape or size yet but a nude leather designer bag is at the top of my list.  My bestie just showed me the Chanel one above and WOW.  It’s not in my budget but who knows, it may be in a few years. I love the detail on it and to me and as stated above, Chanel can be considered a worthy investment!
  • Golden Goose– I’ve always wanted an all white pair and heck, Veja’s sure aren’t working out.  So I may consider purchasing another pair of these.  I’ve certainly gotten my money’s worth out of my silver ones.
  • Dior Sandals– My heart LONGS for these sandals.  They were on my list last Summer and are probably my #1 item right now.
  • Dior Book Tote–  This book tote is BEYOND.  Gosh, I just love it.  Whenever I see someone with it, I salivate a little.  Although one of my faves, it is pretty low on my wish list spectrum only because the price tag is really high.  Everyone I’ve talked to that has one though really loves it.  A good compromise would be this Givenchy tote which I’ve also had on my list for about a year.  What can I say, I have a thing for totes right now!
  • Hermes Oran Sandal– Mine are dupes.  But for the amount I wear them, I almost feel like I should invest in the real deal.  I KNOW my Mom is reading this and thinking the same thing.
  • YSL Belt– I’ve seen a few influencers wear this chic belt and it’s on my radar!  Don’t get me wrong, I still love a Gucci belt, but this could be a welcome addition!
  • Gucci Princetown Loafer– I absolutely love mine.  I wear them all the time and am very tempted to snag them in a lighter color for the warmer months! They are classic, comfortable and worth every penny in my opinion!
  • Manolo BB Heel– A reader asked me to find her a classic black heel that would last her years and I immediately sent her a link to these.  They come in several different heel heights depending on your preference and have amazing reviews.  This is a shoe you’d have for decades!

Do you have anything on your own Wish List right now?  I LOVE hearing what other people are obsessing over in the fashion world!  As always, thank you so much for following along! xx

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