What is LikeToKnow.It?

What is Like To Know.It? 
Like to
Know.It is a tool that allows you to shop my outfit details through my
Instagram account (and blog although you were already able to do that
through my links).

Why would I want to Sign Up?  I already get too many emails…
me, I GET IT. As an organizer aficionado/clutter freak I know the
impact that a full inbox has on your psyche.  However, as a user of Like
To Know.It myself, I cannot tell you how amazing it is to “like” a
photo on Instagram and have all of the details sent immediately to my
Inbox.  To be honest, probably 25% of my shopping is done through Like
To Know.It. You can have your setting adjusted to get immediate, weekly
or daily emails (I do weekly so I don’t have to deal with the FOMO of a
great item that may sell out in a week).

So What’s In it For You?
will never have to wait for me to reply to those “Where did you get
that?” comments and emails again.  Often times someone will ask me where
I got something like a said pair of white Tophop jeans (haha, there
were SO many questions on those)! I reply back that I got them at
Nordstrom…you then have to search yourself on the site of about one
thousand pairs of white jeans.  You narrow down your search to Topshop
but still see lots of white denim options.  You think to yourself, was
she wearing the Jaime? The Leigh?  Were those distressed? Cropped? There
are two lengths to choose from, which did she choose? Are you stressed
out yet? OR you can sign up for Like To Know.It and get the exact white
jeans sent to your email inbox to purchase.  It’s SO SIMPLE. I’m telling
you guys, this program is amazing.  All you have to do is double tap
(aka LIKE) a photo to get the outfit details sent to your inbox!

What’s In it For Me?
you ever wondered how bloggers make any money at all? Full
disclosure…It’s through programs like this and sponsored posts.  I
shop, post the content that I love across my social media platforms and
those retailers may pay me a small commission for sales that
follow from my audience.  It’s kind of like when you shop in a store,
work with a sales associate and they make a commission off of what you

How do I Sign Up? 
You can sign up here.
It’s so easy!  When you’re scrolling through my Instagram and see
photos of things you’re interested it, ‘LIKE’ the photo.  Shortly after
you will be sent an e-mail with specific information on those products.

excited to be a part of this program and I hope you are too.  Your
support and loyalty to Kara Loves Coco means the world to me and as
always, thank you so much for following along.

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