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Happy DECEMBER! November was a wild ride, let me TELL YOU so I’m thrilled to be embarking upon what is arguably one of the more fun months of the year! Highlights of last month were starting to workout with a trainer, seeing the final games of Coco’s soccer Season, watching our bathroom reno progress (and then stall again) and mostly spending a wonderful Thanksgiving with my Mom and Step-Dad.  I haven’t talked at all about this but my Step-Dad started dialysis recently and it hasn’t been an easy journey.  Seeing him healthy and enjoying that day was really special and made me so thankful for the health of my family!

Our low was most definitely getting Covid. Austin and I both tested positive the second week of November and I cannot lie…we did not get the mild version and were both really sick.  Luckily, neither kid tested positive and we got through it but I will be promptly getting my booster as soon as I can and have regrets in not getting it sooner.  My blog has turned into a place for the OG followers (love you!) as most of my audience consumes my content on Instagram so this feels like a more personal space to share  things so as we head into this busy month, I want to say thank you so much for being here! I appreciate you all and am grateful for this community! xx



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