What to Wear in Your Holiday Family Photos

Over the years, I’ve shared a style guide of sorts when it comes to dressing your family for photos. It can be really difficult to find things that coordinate while making everyone feel comfortable in what they are wearing– and don’t forget to say a prayer that nobody is cranky, sick or any of the other curve balls that parents deal with on a daily basis (also that the weather cooperates).

If I’m totally honest, there have been some years that I’m on it and book our photos, excited about them and some years I’ve felt totally OVER IT and skipped them entirely (this was me last year).  Either side of the line you fall on is ALL good.  I had zero regrets using a great pic I had of the kids last year and felt like I saved myself time, money and sanity.

If you are venturing into family photo territory, I salute you and let me provide some outift inspo for the big day. I’m sharing a neutral option below that lends toward warmer tones, a neutral option that leans into cooler tones and a dressy, festive option as well!  For the first time ever, we are taking advantage of the beautiful beaches we live near and doing beach photos! It just feels right now that we call ourselves beach people, lol. For that reason, I purchased most items off of the neutral cooler palette for our family and can’t wait to see how they turn out.  I am still deciding on a few things because this time of year it could be 90 or 58 by the beach so there’s that! Here’s a few tips below I live by with photos:

  • Let it GOOOOO.  You can’t control everything.  If someone has a lollipop in the pic, who cares (I’m all for bribery in these situations btw). If someone has one shoe on (happened to us one year) or their shirt is untucked WHO CARES? If the shit hits the fan, WHO CARES? The photos will still be special and memorable even if you feel triggered by them. Also, no offense but I’ve had numerous conversations with friends about how they open the envelope, give the pic a quick glance and toss that adorable card right in the garbage.  Is this me?  It might be.  The point is, nobody really cares about your photo (sorry!) so you shouldn’t care too much either.
  • Add texture.  This is just a general photography trick I’ve learned and used over the years.  Knit tights on girls or a chunky vest or sweater can add so much texture and layer to a photo!
  • Add print.  Stripes, florals and most print add dimension. I would advise against matching (although this is a personal opinion!).
  • Speak up during the photo shoot.  You’re probably paying a pretty penny for these photos. If a pose feels outright off to you, say so. Austin has been asked to sit a few times and he just feels awkward and out of place doing that so we tell photographers ahead of time and it’s all good! The photo is going to be bad if someone is pulling a hamstring to get the pose. I personally like candid, in the moment photos as opposed to say, a portrait where my kids are kissing me on each cheek.  So I make sure to mention that to our photographer so we can really lean into more candid shots.
  • Lower your expectations. Wait, why are we doing these again? KIDDING! Try to enjoy it!


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