Friday Chit Chat

Hello and Happy Weekend!  We are in the midst of a full bathroom renovation so this week has been interesting as we adapt to one less bathroom and construction all day long.  I’m so excited to see it completed and will be sure to share as we go! This weekend we have soccer games, play dates and hopefully a date night if we can squeeze it in! I’m also planning on decorating the inside of our home for Halloween (shop our decor HERE).  We don’t go crazy but the kids really love it (especially Griffin who has been to Spirit Halloween twice already, lol).  I hope you guys have an amazing weekend and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

  • The viral Tik Tok pants (see above) have arrived and they are just as fabulous as everyone says! I got a size small in the short length.  I feel like a medium would have been more comfortable though, lol.
  • I recently got this Amazon cropped top.  It’s great with high waisted pants and/or leggings.  I rarely score when it comes to Amazon clothing but I really like this (and it’s under $15).  I would suggest sizing up (see it styled in the above pic).
  • Love this green striped top for Fall!
  • Got this corduroy skirt for Coco as an option for our family photos and it’s currently 20% off.
  • I started this book this week and am really enjoying it so far! I’ve heard great things about this author.

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