Chic Halloween Decor

Chic Halloween decor is a must (INDOORS).  Our outdoor decor is…a hodge podge to say the least. Some is scary. Some is charming.  None of it matches. All outdoor decor is played with daily. I long for this and we are quite the opposite. The kids do what they want outdoors (and in their rooms for the most part) but I’m in charge of the inside common areas of our home and I keep the Halloween decor minimal, neutral and fun.  Spooky Season is a blast with small kids and I enjoy decorating around the house (although it is immediately put away 11/1) within reason.

I know it seems early.  You may still be on your Summer vacation! I get it.  But the reality is…the good stuff sells out.  Then you have regrets and are scrambling (just me?) so I’m sharing this early (also most of you I polled on stories said you were ready) in case you want to beat the crowds this Fall.  Did I mention I just ordered two of my favorite pumpkin candles? Side note, they’re AH-mazing.

I’m so excited they brought back this spider candy dish (you don’t have to fill it, looks cute as is).  It was my favorite purchase last year!  Our bat wreath was also restocked (sold out by September!). It has lights and is very well made. I am SO tempted to snag this black skeleton.  We had a white one from Target and Griffin broke several of his limbs off last year and it was just never the same, lol.  The black is different and I think would look so cool inside. These hanging witches hats were ALL the rage last year.  You can hang them with fishing wire so they look like they’re floating (lots of Utube videos on how to do this) — these candle sticks are a similar idea.  If you have a mantle, this little bat garland is darling and I ordered a few of these metal haunted houses to add to our built in shelves!  I have to say…I am excited for Fall. Any change of Season is so fun (especially with kids).  I hope you’re having a great week and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

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