In Stock Favorites from the Nsale

Hi! I hope you guys are having a great start to the weekend!  This week has felt *so* busy and while the start of Summer for us felt very mellow, the second half sure is making up for lost time when it comes to being on the go!  I’m excited for the weekend and to hopefully relax and unwind.

I wanted to share a few things I love from the #nsale that are still fully stocked (as of Friday when I’m writing this).  I’ve seen a few of these items (like my curling iron) come in and out of stock so wanting to share here in case you’re still shopping.  By far my favorite purchase of the sale this year was this cotton blend cardigan.  I got it in the cream color and loved it so much that I ordered the gray as well.  My Mom got the burgundy and it’s such a pretty color and would be perfect for Fall.  I’m always stocking up on this seamless underwear.  I’ve worn them for EIGHT years (discovered them while pregnant with Coco) and never looked back.  Trust me, they’re amazing!

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