What you Need to Know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s ALMOST here. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  My favorite sale of the YEAR! I love being your main resource for this sale and can’t wait to help you navigate it!  WHY is this sale so great?  First, Nordstrom is the only retailer that marks NEW merchandise down for the upcoming Season.  So essentially, you’ll get fresh, Fall merchandise on sale where typically when retailers mark down their goods, it’s the END of the Season…so whatever didn’t sell gets put on the sale rack to move it out of the store quicker.

The markdowns are GOOD too.  The markdowns typically hit the 20-40% mark making the sale really worth shopping.  Nordstrom also throws their “top sellers” into the mix- like Barefoot Dreams cardigans and blankets and my can’t live without seamless underwear.  After the sale is over, Nordstrom puts the prices back up.

How I Shop The Sale:

Last year I stocked up on cardigans, booties and long sleeve t-shirts for Fall.  I bought underwear, pajamas, gifts (yes I snag a few Christmas gifts) and shoes or outerwear for my kids (depending on what they need).  I restock my beauty staples if they are on the sale too. If you need outerwear, this is a great time to buy as those brands rarely get marked down.  I’ve bought boots and sneakers in the past as well…it just kind of depends on the year and what my wardrobe needs are. Typically they have a great deals on athletic shoes! My post from last year details some of my favorites from 2021!  Hands down, my favorite purchase EVER from this sale was the Barefoot Dreams blanket.  They hardly ever go on sale and it’s something my family uses literally all day, everyday.

Dates To Know: 

In order to shop on the sale early, you must be a Nordstrom cardholder. You can do that here if you’re interested.  The higher your status with the card, the earlier you can shop the sale. The benefit of having the card is also being able to shop items that will inevitably sell out.  I wish I could tell you things get restocked for Public Access but in the years of covering this sale, I’ve seen many things not be restocked once they’ve sold out.  I would LOVE it if that was different this year though!

Other Tips to Maximize the Sale

  • Find out what your status is here and mark your calendar so you can shop the first day you’re able.
  • Follow me in the LTK app!  I’ll be posting my favorite items there as well as Instagram. Favorite images I share that you want to shop and create a “wishlist” in the app that you can easily refer back to when it’s time for you to shop.
  • Turn on your Instagram notifications for Karalovescoco.  I will be sharing my favorites on IG stories each day for you to easily shop.
  • Bookmark this tab here for all of my Anniversary Sale content.
  • Subscribe to my blog (link at the bottom of my home page) so you don’t miss my favorites post which will go live 8/4.
  • If you’re already a cardmember, be sure to use your double or triple points day during the sale to maximize your rewards.

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