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I can’t tell you all how excited we are to be on the tail end of our built in project!  With the exception of the light fixtures, the actual TV and some shelf styling, we are done.  It was amazing to see this project come to life and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  We worked with a design team for the concept because it became overwhelming for us to map out how we wanted it to look.  I had an idea in my head and they helped draw it out so our carpenter knew every single detail and measurement.  Hiring a designer for this part was probably the smartest decision we made and I would highly suggest it if you’re doing this type of project (feel free to message me for their contact info!).

In terms of aesthetic, it was important to have the built in look not like a built in, lol.  Having it look like it was always part of our home was important to us so we veered off from what a traditional built in concept is (almost like a piece of furniture) to having it be drywalled and painted.  The vertical edges are all bull-nosed to match our home and the paint texture matches our walls perfectly (white dove).  Our goals were to add function and storage to an otherwise unused wall so we opted for 6 large drawers and two large cabinets and open shelving.  One drawer houses our electrical components (for the TV and our Wifi router) and we added and electrical outlet in our cabinet to create a storage hub for electronics (what a joy to NOT have electronics charging ALL over our countertops!).  To create continuity from our kitchen to our family room, we included black knobs and pulls for hardware and I love how clean and simple it looks.

The next step is the most fun part! The decorating the shelves and organizing the functional space.  I wanted to provide some inspiration for the direction we’re going here.  We’re using a lot of things we already have but I’m thrilled to have a space for my nick nacks as Austin lovingly calls them.  Bring on the coffee table books, picture frames and decorative objects! I hope you’re having a great week and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

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