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Happy New Year! We all love to refresh, purge and organize and the start of the year so today I wanted to share some favorite organizing items from Amazon with you! I’ve used some of these products for years and they’ve totally helped our space feel decluttered and much more functional.  If you follow on stories, you know I’ve been on an organizing rampage of sorts…literally going through every single cabinet, closet and drawer and I swear NOTHING feels better (at least to me!).

Paperwork Box– I keep one of these for the kids’ art and projects from school we want to keep.  They’re a great size and I label the outside with their grade and teacher!

Acrylic Makeup Palette Organizer– I store my larger makeup palette’s in a bathroom drawer.  They stand upright so you can see each one which I love.

Spice Drawer Set– THIS was a satisfying project.  Each spice looks exactly the same.  We keep ours on a lazy susan in a cabinet but you could lay them in a drawer as well.

Zip Up Storage for Bedding– This comes in a pack of 3 and we store Holiday bedding, extra blankets and sheets in them.  It keeps them nice in the off Season and we store this on a top shelf of our laundry room so it doesn’t take up space in the linen closet.

Sunglass Storage– We keep two of these in drawers and store all of our sunglasses in them!

Acrylic Drawers– These store Barbie accessories and we keep them in our playroom but here are a million things you could use this for!

Set of Plastic Drawer Containers– this set is large and we used it to organize our bathroom last year! Check it out HERE.  We even had some leftover for other drawers in our house.

Docking Station– Charge your phone and Ipads all in one spot (without a ton of cords everywhere!).

Acrylic Lidded Containers– We use one for crayons and one for hair rubberbands!

White Cube Storage– These have served us VERY well over the years- we have Coco’s Lego creations stored in her closet with this, one in Griffin’s closet for toys and use one for shoe storage in our coat closet!


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