Our Closet Tour- Before and After

Happy Monday!  I hope you guys had a great weekend. We’re still learning to navigate life with Griffin’s cast and while there are moments (many!) when we feel totally overwhelmed (hi- busiest time of year for work and basically everything), it has forced us to slow down.  Which has always a challenge for me!  So in that respect, I feel like this time has been good for us.  We’re hoping he gets a shorter cast next week and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on everything.

In other really fun news, last week we had our primary closet done! I promised to share our experience with you here on the blog so lets get into it! To start, this project has been on our “would like to do” home list for a while.  But it’s always been put on the back burner because in general, Austin and I are fairly organized.  When we started to research other projects on our long list of things we wanted to accomplish in this house, the timelines were just so. far. out. and finding the people to complete them was challenging.  So we decided to research doing our primary closet!  We interviewed several companies and I just KNEW from the instant I met with Classy Closets, that they were the company we wanted to use.  Classy Closets is a family owned and operated small business (which I love to support!) and each meeting and correspondence with their staff was just premium. I reached out to them to get a quote and we scheduled a meeting with our designer, Danny, to come out and measure and look at the space.

I had a few ideas via Pinterest that I really wanted to incorporate and together, Danny and I created our closet design! At our  meeting, we walked through the space, discussed options in terms of layout, drawers vs. cabinets, aesthetic and price. I really wanted a small island and appreciated the fact that Danny said the walk around space (especially with little ones) just wouldn’t suffice for our particular closet.  I wanted plenty of open shelving for handbags and lots of shoe storage (our shoes were all over the place at the time). I wanted a space for Austin’s belts, hats and ties as well as a valet to hang outfits for the next day.  My daily casual jewelry was in a disarray so I wanted a drawer just for my baubles! What I loved was that the measurements were taken and the space was designed to create a optimal spot for all of our items (longer area for jackets and dresses, shorter areas for shirts and hanging pants etc.).

Via e-mail, Danny and I selected final design options (I went back and fourth on a mirror and ultimately went for it and am so glad I did), hardware finishes (beautiful brass knobs) and selected our install date.  Here’s the best part (in my opinion!)…Classy Closets has their own tradespeople.  Which means they have a team of people that work to build closets exclusively for their clients that are totally skilled at building your dream space.  I thought this project would take up to a week so imagine my shock when Danny told me it would be done in one day!

The day of the install, two gentleman arrived in the morning.  They protected my floors with a special fabric and got to work! What was most shocking was how little our day was disrupted because of this project.  As a busy Mom with small kids at home, I truly appreciated that.  They were clean, thoughtful, informative, kind and didn’t mind me peeking throughout the day! I was enthralled by the process (as was Griffin!) and seeing it come together was so exciting. Walking through the closet when they were done was incredible.  It felt like an entirely new space and MUCH larger.  It truly felt like we optimized the room and created space for more storage (a hot commodity in California!).

When Austin and I put everything back in, for once it felt like our stuff had breathing room whereas before it felt so congested.  All of the space created with our design concept allowed room for things that were otherwise shoved in random spots in our house but desperately needed a home of their own (packing cubes, scarves, Winter boots to name a few). Our experience with Classy Closets was nothing short of extraordinary and I’m already considering the next room we can makeover with their wonderful team!  Classy Closets is giving my followers a 10% discount on their project when you mention my name when booking- it must be installed by the end of January but this is an amazing opportunity to jump on any New Years projects you’ve been holding off on or treat yourself for the Holidays to the ultimate gift of an organized space.  There’s nothing better in my book- scroll through the photos to see the amazing transformation of our closet below! xx

*Thank you to Classy Closets for partnering together on this project.

The Before:

The After:


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