Gift Guides- For the Kids

The first gift guide of the year feels monumental and I can assure you, I’ve NEVER posted one this early.  But to be honest, I’m excited to get ahead, knock these gifts out earlier than usual with the aim to actually relax the last few weeks before the Holidays instead of running around like a crazy person.  The supply chain issues MAY just allow me to do that this year, lol!

I wanted to share the kids gift guide first because if you’re a parent, you probably agree that this category seems the most daunting because you buy multiple gifts usually.  For this reason, I included options from multiple retailers at a variety of price points.  But also, kids get fixated on ONE specific gift (last year Coco wanted this toy dog and I was sweating because I couldn’t find one!  Luckily I did (thank you Target) but still…) so finding THE gift can be stressful.

As a parent of two, I totally get hopping on Amazon or running to Target to snag a gift but I really tried to offer some unique gifts here that you wouldn’t find at big box retailers (for the most part).  This would also be a great guide to forward onto the Grandparents!

Be sure to scroll through the images below the collage as I couldn’t fit ALL of my ideas onto the actual collage.  Happy shopping and as always, thank you so much for following along!

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