In the Mood for Halloween

This feels…premature, right?! Lol. But honestly, giving the shipping delays I’ve encountered over the last month, I’d say we all need to get on it early this year for ALL Holidays.  Hence, me putting this post together the second week of September. The truth is, I did my own Halloween shopping over the weekend and wanted to share my finds with you!

Holidays can be challenging when it comes to decorating.  I have little ones so I want to be festive inside and outside of our home but I also want my decor to be…not cheesy.  I’ve embraced that our outside Holiday decor teeters on the line (we have inflatables…I just can’t get around it with the kids!) so I feel like the inside decor can be a bit more elevated.  A girl can try, right?!

Each year we add a few things to our Halloween decor collection and I’m SO excited about what I scored so far this year. I fell in love with this cute wreath and am stoked that there are lights on it!  I also thought these mercury glass pumpkins were lovely (and I really enjoy that they aren’t orange and will match our decor!). This mini skeleton is perfect for a built in, buffet or bar cart and Coco HAD to have these owls.  If you love festive jammies as much as we do, scope out some REALLY cute Halloween options below! I hope you guys had an amazing long weekend and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

Halloween Pajamas


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