Small Updates to Make Your Powder Room Ready for Guests

Is it just me or does it feel like we went from doing nothing to doing ALL the things?  June was a rush of non-stop activities in our house from the end of the school year to Birthday celebrations to two guests visiting in the same month! After over a year of very little activity, it feels great to have a sense of busyness.  My kids for one are LOVING it and that makes me so happy.  We recently had my Dad out for two weeks and this week my nephew from Alaska will be staying with us for a few days!  We love having family visit and in the days leading up to their arrival, I’m always making sure their accommodations in our home are comfortable and welcoming.

Our “powder room” is actually a small full bathroom downstairs which is adjacent to our guest bedroom.  Typically when we have guests staying with us, that bathroom is then off limits to other members of the household (mainly so my toddler doesn’t destroy their space and unroll all of their toilet paper).  While we updated a lot of that bathroom during the pandemic, we didn’t necessarily prep it for guests because at the time, that certainly wasn’t happening.

I recently added a few things I knew would make the bathroom inviting for visitors and did it just in time for my nephew’s visit! You all know I love a good Walmart Home find and they’ve got great storage solutions (most are under $30) and bathroom accessories to ready your space for visitors. Not only are they  priced great but I can always rely on Walmart to ship fast! These storage baskets are essential and come in a set of 3 and in two size options.  I bought both sizes and have them all around our house.  They’re great for everything from toy catch all’s, to storage for clean towels, to laundry and my personal favorite – to hold a large plant. Let me tell you, these baskets are THE. BEST.  I put one on the floor of our guest bathroom and filled it with a bathmat and extra towels.

I also added this 4 piece accessory set.  It’s light weight and provides a catch all for soap, a jar for cotton pads or q-tips and a spot for tooth brushes.  The tray can also be functional if needed.  This is perfect for our space because when our guests leave, we can clean it and easily store it under the sink until the next visitor arrives!  Lastly, we added a second basket for over our toilet (we have one in our bathroom too) to provide a spot for anything extra our guests may need (wash clothes, toilet paper…).  One more tip- print out your wi-fi password and frame it in your guest room or bathroom!  We stayed at a home once where our host did this and I thought it was so clever! Hope you’re having a great week and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

*Thank you for Walmart for partnering together on this post

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