Friday Chit Chat (on Saturday)

Happy Saturday!  I have been knee deep in organizing our garage which to be honest…is a huge undertaking.  When we moved into this house almost 4 years ago, we had a toddler and a 4 month old and that was the one area where we just shoved stuff everywhere we could.  I wouldn’t say we had the time or energy to really purge as much as we should have before the move (hello newborn life) and so here we are, several years later…finally attempting to make a crack at the mess.

In California, you don’t have basements (mostly) which is a blessing and a curse all at the same time.  On one hand, here we are confronting the mess because there is LITERALLY nowhere for it to go and on the other hand, we don’t have the lower level square footage of a basement to hide and store things we *may* want down the road for years at a time. We are TRYING to be ruthless in our purging and I have to say, Austin, who is a saver of all things is on board.  A lot of our neighbors have converted their garage space (especially during the pandemic) into functional work, play or gym areas and while I’m not sure we will EVER get there, I have hopes that at the bare minimum we can go through everything and do a major purge.  I LOVED seeing what you all keep versus what you get rid of on stories and Austin and I have had a lot of laughs looking at stuff that years ago seemed essential to keep…and now do not. Hope you all have a great weekend and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

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