Recent Amazon Purchases

I love a good Amazon roundup!  They’re always colorful, interesting and totally random! Here’s a few Amazon purchases I’ve made (and loved) in the last few months!

  • Tan Pouch–  A Bottega dupe that I am LOVING.  The size is so good!
  • Pet Cleaner–  Lola has accidents.  She’s almost 16 and it is what it is!  I just ordered this cleaner but I haven’t used it yet!  The reviews are great so I’ll keep you posted.
  • I always go back to this face cleaner.  It’s clean and cheap!
  • The FOOT PEEL.  So many of you asked me to document my experience and I just need to get the guts to try it, lol!
  • Smocked dress– SO good for Summer!  My exact color combo is sold out but there’s still a handful of options available! I got a size small.
  • We brought these magnetic boards for the kids to play with on our car ride to Palm Springs and they were a hit!
  • The latest book I’m reading! Loving it so far.
  • A new coffee table book that I actually read EVERY page of.
  • Apparently these tumblers have a cult following.  Who knew? I have the black and white, throw them in the dishwasher and appreciate that they fit into my car cup holder.
  • I didn’t want to laminate my vaccine card so I got these to store mine in!  I made a copy of the original and keep it in this in my purse and the original in our safe.
  • We brought this travel bumper for the bed in Palm Springs! It was the perfect solution and I wasn’t worried about Griffin falling out of bed at night (he’s used to sleeping in a crib).
  • These sunglasses are SO good!  They are similar to a Ray Ban pair but for a fraction of the cost.

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