What I Wore in Palm Springs

Hello!  I hope you guys are having a great week!  The week after a getaway is always a lot of catch up around the house with laundry, to-do lists and grocery shopping so that’s how our week has gone so far!  Our trip to Palm Springs was lovely and I’m so excited to round up my vacay outfits for you here.  We hadn’t gotten “away” in well over a year so just being in a different location was so refreshing.

My Mom and Step Dad have a home nestled in Rancho Mirage and it’s the perfect little escape for our family.  Just 2 hours away from San Diego really feels like a different world (especially when you haven’t left your house for a year, lol!). Most of our days were spent at the pool and just enjoying the outdoors- I cannot even describe how stunning the flowers and plants are in the desert right now!  I swear, the photos hardly do it justice.

Amazon Dress (small)/ Handbag/ Sunglasses/ Sandals

One Piece (size up one size- code kara10 will get you 10% off too!)/ Sunglasses/ Coverup

Bikini Top and Bottom (size M in both)/ Sunglasses/ Hat

Sunglasses/ Earrings (use code KARA for 10% off)/ Amazon Dress (small)/ 1st finger ring is the NOEL (code KARA for 10% off)/ Beaded Bracelet (code KARA15 for 15% off)


Sunglasses/ Swimsuit (size 4 but wish I had gotten a 6)/ Handbag

T-Shirt (small)/ Necklace

Swimsuit/ Coverup/ Sunglasses/ Link Bracelet (use code KARA for 10% off)

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