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Happy Monday!  I hope you guys had a great weekend! Today I wanted to share my recent Amazon finds with you!  I love a good Amazon round up because everything is so random and interesting! First things first…the BEST thing I’ve bought on Amazon lately is our air fryer.  I’m obsessed, addicted and give it a 10/10.  I love it because it cuts down on cooking time for everything.  That to me is the #1 reason to have one (for example, frozen nuggets for the kids need to be preheated to 425 then cook for 15 min.  These are done in 10 in the air fryer.  I also love how everything crisps up beautifully! Here are 10 other recent purchases I’m thrilled over:

  • Construction Toddler Plate–  putting this in Griffin’s Valentine’s Day basket!
  • Black One Piece– YOU GUYS.  The reviews on this suit are incredible!  It runs tts and comes in more colors to count.
  • Salad Dressing Shaker– I’d been making dressing in a mason jar and when I would pour, it would go everywhere.  Love this sleek pour feature and the measuring cup!
  • Stocked up on the shampoo we use for the kids.
  • My Mom got me these glass mugs for Christmas.  They are my VERY FAVORITE MUGS and I drink my coffee and lemon water in them daily! Ordered another set.
  • My favorite podcast is “Girl with No Job” so when Claudia dropped a book, I had to get it.  I started it last night and so far, SO good.  It reads just like her podcast.
  • I needed a new self tanning mit so snagged this one for under $6.
  • Coco’s teacher suggested the kids wear blue light blocking glasses and Coco is OBSESSED with wearing these.
  • I recently got a new planner and I can’t tell you how excited I am for these pens to arrive.  Nothing better than the perfect pen, am I right?!
  • I’m a sound machine fanatic.  So weird, I know.  When we lived in downtown Chicago, it was either fall sleep to a sound machine or ambulance sirens and city noise.  Our family was addicted to the one from Brookstone which they no longer make.  I ordered this one and my kids and I both LOVE it.  You can program everything from your phone too.  If you’ve never slept to white noise, I highly recommend.

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