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Ask and you shall receive! You guys requested a post on my favorite fragrances so I pulled together the scents that have become my signature scents over the last 10 years.  I’ve switched back and fourth, on and off (off for over 6 years to be exact thanks to pregnancy smell sensitivity, lol) over the years and am excited to have found a new favorite as I shared in my stories over the weekend.  I love the idea of a signature scent…I feel like it goes hand in hand with your personal style and is so unique to YOU.

As I pulled these together, I found it so interesting that every single fragrance I’ve been drawn to over the years has notes of amber in it.  It’s great to know what I tend to gravitate toward even though I never would have guessed that! I’d LOVE to know what some of your favorites are so comment below! xx

Stella by Stella McCartney– love this year round.  It has hints of rose, peony and amber.  I rarely run out of fragrance and have had to replace this the most out of all of my perfumes.

Hermes Eau Des Merverilles I cannot even describe the smell of this it’s so wonderful but I do tend to wear it more in the Winter as it just FEELS more wintery to me…does that make sense?! Notes are “woody amber” and I was surprised to see there is ZERO floral notes.

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue– Perfect and crisp- one of my favorites for Summer! Notes of amber, fruit and floral.

Jo Malone Orange Blossom– It is exactly as the title describes it with notes of lilac and clementine.  It is one of my FAVORITES in the Spring/Summer.

Baccarat Rouge 540– My newest obsession with notes of jasmine and amber. It is beyond pricey for a fragrance but I can say that I’ve never smelled anything quite like it.

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