My Must Have Sunglasses

I love sunglasses- especially if they don’t break the bank!  And ever since I lost a pair of Karen Walkers and Celine sunnies (I blame the Hawaiian Mai Tai’s) within a matter of months, I haven’t purchased any luxury sunglasses since.  Regardless, I’ve found some REALLY great sunglasses lately and I wanted to round them up for you here in case you’re on the hunt!

  • Classic Cat Eye– I have worn these so much that I’ve often considered purchasing them in the tortoise color!  They’re so chic and I also love them in this tan color.
  • Bold Graduated Lenses– These are my most recent sunnies and they are SO fun!  The shape makes a statement and I can also appreciate how comfy they feel on your face.
  • Aviators– It can be hard to find aviators that aren’t either too big (so you look like a fly) or to small (Top Gun style).  These are right in between and come in a ton of colors.
  • Amazon Favorites– I LOVE how fun these are!  They’re a designer dupe and under $15!
  • Ray Ban’s– These were my biggest sunnies splurge but I snagged them on sale over the Holidays.  They feel retro and fun, however they do slide down my nose which is somewhat bothersome.  I could probably tighten the nose pads and note to self: do that because I really love them.
  • HONORABLE MENTION LUST LIST SUNNIES–  Mkkay so I realize that I JUST said I didn’t invest in designer shades anymore but GEEZ, how cute are these?! I’m a little in love!

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