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Sweater (xs)/ Jeans (26)/ Handbag/ Shoes (go up a 1/2 size)

Happy Friday!  So ready for the weekend over here!  I’m excited to celebrate Valentin’s Day with my kiddos and while we have no actual “plans” per say, we are having heart shaped pizza for dinner tonight and I got the kids a cookie decorating kit and lots of festive goodies to celebrate.  Austin and I never gift each other anything for Valentine’s Day…we always just have pizza (and wine) which I realize is not all that exciting, lol but I love it.  Do you go big for Valentine’s Day?! I’d love to know and hope you guys have a great weekend! xx

  • We just started The Morning Show on Apple+ and it is SO good.  Glad I discovered it because I was running out of shows to watch.
  • I have a few Birthday’s coming up and let’s just say…I discovered that Barefoot Dreams makes SLIPPERS and ordered a pair to gift to a special someone.
  • Jean jackets have always held a special place in my closet and my favorite’s are 20% off right now!  I wear an xs in both styles and wear them ALL the time! I shared 18 outfits I’ve styled with them here!
  • I’ve seen some really cute outfit ideas on Pinterest with Converse high tops.  I love the look of a high top but don’t want to spend $600 on a pair of Golden Goose so I’m excited to try these out.
  • Recently ordered these mom jeans which I love! They’re under $50 and I’m all for trying out the trendier styles without spending a ton.
  • This sweater– it is SO GOOD.  I got an xs and am just obsessed with how many ways you can wear/style it!

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