My Must Have Workout Items

Since I know a lot of us are jumping on the fitness bandwagon, I wanted to share some of my favorite workout gear!  There is nothing like a fresh pair of leggings or sneakers, am I right?  Sometimes a new workout outfit is just the motivation I need to jump on the Peloton- please tell me I’m not alone here, lol.  I can personally vouch for everything I’m sharing with you today- most of which are my tried and true go-to’s that never let me down in terms of comfort and functionality.

One think I’d like to get better about wearing is my Apple watch.  Somehow, I got out of the habit of wearing it daily and I’d like to get back to feeling inspired to close my rings and get my daily 10k steps in.  I have a series 3 (I think there are 6 series now) and love it!

Align Leggings– Couldn’t love these leggings anymore if I tried.  I wear a size 4 in the 25″ length!  You can also check out this blog post here where I compare the Lulu Align to the Alo leggings!

Energy Bra– This bra has been my go-to workout bra for over 6 years.  It provides a ton of support yet is comfy and doesn’t feel restricting.  I wear a size 6 in this and prefer the long line version.

Cropped Tank– This tank is newer for me but I love it!  It has a built in bra which is really nice and I loved the cropped fit.

Cropped Tank Reversible– I shared this on my stories yesterday!  This top is so good that I have it in two colors.  I only have worn the scoop neck in the front but it’s cute both ways.  You do need to wear a sports bra under this.

Yoga Mat– This is my second Lululemon yoga mat and I have to say…they hold up SO well.  My last one was literally gross so for my Birthday last year, my Mom got me my new one.  I love all of the color options!

Zella Socks– I love a comfy, thick, no-show sock and these are my go-to!

Nike Air Max 270– I size up a full size in these but they’re so cute to wear when not working out and really comfortable and supportive for exercise.

Belt Bag– We love to go on long walks and this is great for your phone, mask and whatever else the kids may need, lol. It’s also ideal for grocery shopping when you don’t want to put your handbag in a gross grocery cart!

Bala Bands– These are such a great addition to any workout or walk you do!  They can be worn on your wrists or ankles.

Air Pods– I mean…this is a no brainer, right?!

Running Shorts– My favorite running shorts only I don’t run, lol.  These are a staple for me and the only shorts I wear to workout in!  They are lined and soooo comfy!


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