My Favorites from 2020

Happy New Year! I spent the last few days unplugged with our family and it was so nice! I feel rested and ready to start the new year. Also…I’ve been purging and cleaning like my life depends on it…anyone else?!

Austin and I spent a lot of time reflecting on the last year and while it did have its fair share of challenges, we both realized there was so much to be grateful for in 2020.  We both appreciated the slower pace, and often talked about how the concentrated one on one time we have with our children and each other during this unprecedented time would probably never happen again.  And while there were certainly moments of tears, anxiety and frustration with our current situation, there was also a lot of love and appreciation.  We set our minds to embracing our environment which made the year full of beautiful memories despite hardly ever leaving the house.  We realized what we could do without…from childcare and haircuts to the things we work hard for (and look forward to) like date nights and vacations.  And while I SO look forward to trips, a normal school environment for my kids and in person time with loved ones, I’m happy to reflect back on what may have been one of the most special years of my life with my family. Cheers to a happy and healthy 2021, am I right?!

Today I’m sharing my personal favorite purchases from 2020 with you!  These are things that I wore or used over and over again throughout the year and for the most part, things I know I will wear and use for years to come! Have a great Monday and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx


Cindy Jeans

The Butterfly Social Bracelets

Soma Lounge Pants

Swim Coverup

Black One Piece

Lululemon Belt Bag

Alo Sherpa Jacket

Classic White Reeboks

Distressed High Waisted Jeans

Black Nike Air Max 270

Billie Razor subscription

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