5 Winter Coats Worth Investing In

Happy Monday!  I hope you guys had a great weekend!  Ours was really nice and the weather was beautiful so we took full advantage and spent the majority of the weekend outdoors with the kids.  To be able to do sidewalk chalk, scooter and go on walks in mid January is a blessing that is not lost on me having grown up in the Midwest.

Having said that, San Diego is hitting a low in the 40’s which SEEMS really cold for us so today I wanted to share my favorite Winter coats with you guys.  I stand by the fact that surviving the bitter cold Winters of Michigan and Chicago for 28 years make me well equipped to speak on this topic.   I can’t wait until my kids roll their eyes at me when I tell them that I walked a mile twice per day in the dead of Winter from my El stop in Chicago to my apartment.  Come to think of it, that was probably not really safe (it was always dark) but I couldn’t afford a cab so at 22, I walked (usually in the snow) and survived to tell the tale.

Either way,  outerwear is a worthy investment that can last for years.  I still have my calf length puffer down coat I wore in Chicago which at the time seemed like a gut wrenching investment.  But here I am, 17 years later, still wearing it (I can happily say I wore it when we drove to the snow last year in Julian)! Check out my very favorite coats below and as always, thank you so much for following along!

Camel Coat– I purchased this coat last year and am so glad I did!  It’s classic, chic and so versatile!  It works for the office, date night and everything in between.

Patagonia Puffer– I’ve had this coat for two years now and LOVE it.  It’s so sporty, comfortable and light weight.  A lot of times puffers feel heavy…this is quite the opposite and actually packs into a teeny tiny ball making it perfect for travel (whenever we do that again!).

Vegan Puffer– I was admittedly influenced to buy this jacket.  I saw it a handful of times on influencers I love and it was one of those things I couldn’t stop thinking about.  The color, the style, the collar…I needed it!

Long Teddy Bear Coat– This coat was a look for less find for me!  I was smitten by the long, on-trend teddy bear coats I was seeing but didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on one.  This one totally fit the bill and I love the fit.

Sherpa Cropped Jacket– A wishlist item I scored on sale!  So comfy and cozy and darling with your favorite athleisure outfit.


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