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So while I was going to do a separate post for my own wish list, I realized as I created this luxe gift guide, that most of the items I was sourcing WERE on my wish list!  In creating this collage, I was really seeking out items I would be over the moon about opening. The truth is, when it comes to high end pieces, there are only a handful of things I’m coveting at any given time so essentially, those are what I’m sharing with you today!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I really love the blend of high/low fashion and for the most part, when it comes to luxury items, I invest in timeless bags and shoes that will last years and hold their value should I decide to sell.  I love getting messages from you guys looking for advice on purchasing an investment bag, asking if the Golden Goose are “worth it” or wondering if I would consider buying a second pair of the Gucci mules in another color(I would).  So let’s break down a few of the luxe items I’m sharing today!

  • The Gucci Mules–  I’ve had mine for over two years now and still LOVE them.  They are classic, comfortable and can elevate the simplest outfit. Ironically, my Mom had a pair of Gucci loafers when I was little and they looked almost exactly like this so I just love that they made such a comeback.  They now come in a closed heel loafer option that folds down (the leather is amazingly soft) IF you’d like to wear them as mules (seems like a two for one deal!).  I often consider purchasing a second pair in a lighter color like this neutral option above!
  • Neutral Knot Belt– This belt…I have SO many visions of how I would style it. Picture it now over a black tunic sweater with leather leggings and boots and then over a white Summer dress when the temps warm up (or you’re on vacation!).
  • Monclear Vest– So…if I lived in a cooler climate, I would be REALLY tempted by this.  Monclear has a cult following and they are best known for their REALLY WARM JACKETS.  So why so expensive?  First, Monclear is the type of jacket you have for a lifetime.  Having lived through 28 years of Michigan and Chicago Winters, I understand this concept and still have several Winter coats that have been with me for almost 20 years.  Additionally, they are stylish, use goose down for insulation and have a large focus on minimizing their environmental impact.  Beyond that, their jackets are manufactured in Europe which dramatically increases the cost.
  • Rive Gauche Tote– I’ve been eyeing this tote for a few years now!  I love the size, simple design and it feels like the perfect vacation/long weekend tote.
  • YSL Card Case–  I included this as I LOVE my own card case and feel so liberated after ditching my giant, heavy wallet!
  • Diamond Stud Earrings–  It doesn’t get more chic or classy than these.  Stunning and something you’ll have for a lifetime!
  • Hangisi Flats– These shoes have been on my wish list for YEARS in one way or another.  They come in array of colors and heel heights.
  • YSL Camera Bag– I have this bag and just love it. The leather has held up so well which is impressive as I am pretty tough on my handbags.  For a more detailed review, check out this post here!
  • Snakeskin boots– I don’t own any knee high boots and just adore these ones.
  • YSL Belt–  If I was going to purchase a belt with a logo on it, it would be this one.

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