What I’m Buying on Prime Day

Prime Day is here!  I love Amazon just as much as the next person and frankly, the value of 2 day shipping was never more apparent than over the last 6 months, am I right?! Over the last few months, I’ve shared my Amazon favorites with you guys so I’ll link those posts here although not all of those items will necessarily be “prime day” deals.

While there is a ton of hype over this sale, below are a select amount of items that I thought were either really great deals, items that we have/use or just things I was interested in buying myself. Side note…this week the sales are bananas.  Amazon Prime, Target and Walmart are all busting out to compete with one another on the best deals and it can feel overwhelming.  I’m happy to do the leg work for you and while I love a great deal as much as the next person, it isn’t worth stressing over. If you’re shopping this week, I hope you score on these sales!

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