3 Color Palettes to Consider for Family Photos

Today I wanted to share my tips in choosing the outfits for your family to wear during family photos.  Such a daunting task! Maybe you’re taking your Holiday card pictures soon or maybe you’d just like a beautiful portrait in your home…either way, I hope this post helps you in answering the what to wear question which in my opinion, is always the hardest (especially if you’re dressing a handful of people!).

Each year I start by picking a general color schematic.  I wish I could say I had mine figured out already but I related to so many of you on my IG story poll last week in that I’m just not super motivated in 2020 to get it done.  I will say that pulling these inspiration boards together really gave me the itch to get it together and start planning though!  2020 will be memorable for a lot of reasons so we may as well document it, right?!

In looking through these boards, please keep in mind that they were made to inspire you with color combinations, texture and how to pull looks together for families.  Having said that, our families all look different (some have 4 kids, some have no kids) so I tried to link multiple options for you to shop below the collage.  I kept the color combinations to those that I’ve always gravitated most to in our own photos:  Holiday festive, Autumn colors or soft neutrals.  There is no wrong combo! Here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

  • Search Pinterest for outfit ideas, colors and poses.  Austin does NOT like sitting in photos!  His flexibility is zero so when someone asks him to sit on the floor it’s a problem.  It’s more important that everyone is comfortable than you get THE pose.  If someone isn’t feeling it, I promise that will transfer to their expression in the pics.
  • Try to incorporate pattern.   Polka dots, plaid, floral and stripes really add dimension to a photo! Don’t be afraid to mix patterns too!  This dress is a perfect example of that.
  • Bring in some texture.  If it’s 90 degrees out, this can get challenging but add a vest, a cardigan or tights on a little girl-  you’ll be surprised by how much that extra touch can add!
  • TRY to have fun! You just have to roll with it with kids and keep your expectations LOW.  Over the last two years, Griffin has had one shoe on in one pic and last year he just fully took his shirt off.  It is what it is! Don’t sweat it.

Bring treats, bribe and again, keep your expectations low.  Keep in mind that you need ONE shot. Anything you get beyond that is just a bonus! Feel free to DM me any questions you have on styling your photos and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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