The Only Shoes/Boots you Need this Fall

Happy Monday!  We had SUCH a productive weekend!  Honestly, my cup runneth over with satisfaction.  We knocked out home projects, cleaned and caught up.  I swear at one point, Austin and I looked at each other and commented about how we’ve lived in this house for almost 3 years and it FINALLY feels like it’s really coming together.  Morphing a house into a home is no easy feat.  Looking back, we closed on this home when Griffin was 4 months old.  Not sure I would recommend doing that tbh but we f0und a great home and felt like we needed to act on it despite our newborn delirium.

Fast forward about 2.5 years and we’ve just hung our first photo on the wall.  One of the silver linings of Covid has been spending so much time inside our home.  It’s allowed us to really consider how to make it a home we really love. And while this isn’t our forever home, we have really enjoyed tweaking it here and there over the last 6 months!

And while I could go on and on about house stuff, today’s post is all about shoes and boots!  As I’m transitioning my closet a bit for Fall, I wanted to share 3 shoe styles that will really round out your Fall/Winter wardrobe.

Sneakers–  I think a great pair of sneakers is essential now more than ever.  They go with everything from jeans to dresses and provide two things I love: comfort and style.  Also? Don’t feel pressure to buy Golden Goose.  Are they cute? Sure!  But there are SO many fun styles just as fabulous.  Here are a few pairs I just adore…

Booties– Honestly, these are the MVP of a Fall wardrobe.  They’re flattering, usually not super high heeled (yay), and can really bring up the wow factor on an otherwise understated outfit (like a bodysuit and jeans).  I got these black booties last year and cannot speak highly enough of them!  They run tts and are just fabulous.  I love how they are more of an ankle boot than a bootie too.  These cognac booties are newer and just as great.  The color is stunning in person and they go with just about anything!

Mules/Loafers– I’m going on year 3 with my Gucci mules and love them just as much today as I did the day I got them.  They’re an investment though and similar to Golden Goose, there are some really amazing similar styles (like these)! This shoe style is so classic and easy to style with sweaters, jeans and coats. Also, can I get an amen for flats that are in style?

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