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How is it AUGUST?! July really flew by- I swear I was just writing this post for the month of June!  I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! Austin tackled our bistro light project and I have to say…it creates the dreamiest ambiance ever.  As much as we are going to enjoy it in the Summer, I can’t wait to sit in the backyard in the Fall with a fire and nice glass of red wine! Speaking of Fall…the Nordstrom Sale starts this week!  If you’ll be shopping the Tuesday (no worries if not), I’ll be sharing my content that day in the LTK app, on stories and here (there is a specific tab dedicated to the sale so it’s all in once place).  Each year I go through each and every item on sale and curate a list of my favorites to share with you guys.  I’m excited about what I saw and can’t wait to see what you like as well! Here’s what you girls loved in July and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx


  • Belt Bag– under $40 and comes in seven great colors!  You can wear as a traditional belt bag or as a cross body and as  walker, I’m loving this because it allows me to be hands free.  I can put my phone in there and listen to a podcast or catch up with a girlfriend on my air pods and not have to hold my phone.  It’s also great for errands!
  • White Denim (size 2)- These are so good, guys.  They’re on sale right now for $99 too.  They’ve been a top seller for a few weeks and I’ve gotten great feedback from you on why you like them (not see through, lots of stretch to name a few).  And PS- I saw that the black version will be on the NSale!
  • Under Eye Brightener– like a tiny miracle in a bottle. I’ve shared my love of this product a lot over the years and just love how bright and well rested it makes you look!  You can also check it out in this Summer Beauty post here.
  • Workout Shorts– It’s hot here right now and I’m quickly discovering that my daily uniform typically involves either my favorite leggings or my favorite shorts.  These shorts are hands down, the best.  They come lined with underwear and I have both the 2.5″ and the 4″ in sizes 4 and 6.  Why all of these you ask?  Because I love them so much that I pretty much buy the colors I like in whatever combo is available since they sell out so fast.  The size 4’s are a little snug on me from a comfort standpoint although I feel like they LOOK better on if that makes sense.  And to be honest, I don’t notice much of a difference between the 2.5″ and the 4″ length!
  • Lock Necklace– This has quickly become a top seller!  The delicate chain is so on trend and I love how it easily layers with other necklaces.  I have the bracelet as well and pretty much wear them both daily!

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