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Swimsuit (one size fits all)/ Hat (color copper)/ Shorts (26)/ Sunglasses/ Link Necklace

Happy Friday!  I hope you guys had a great week! It’s HOT in San Diego so we’re probably going to be spending lots of time at the pool this weekend.  This period of time usually feels very transitional with the anticipation of the start of school, right? San Diego is not able to open schools now (same with the majority of California) so we’re starting to set up Coco’s desk for virtual learning.  I’m curious what the status of schools is in your city/state?

On the home front, Austin installed our new toilet last weekend and if there’s one thing being home so much has taught me it’s that he loves a home project, lol.  And I gotta be honest, a fresh commode is great! We were debating what to do “next” in the house project wise.  Some projects we were considering were big and expensive and others small and simple.  We ended up sitting down, making a master list of EVERYTHING we wanted to do in the house and prioritizing based on cost, desire and keeping in mind that this isn’t our forever home.

It’s funny how different our lists were!  Austin loves trim work like wainscoting and crown molding while I love the decor element and would love to make some furniture updates to a few rooms.  We both agree that we’d like to make some changes to our kitchen so we will keep you updated on all of that! Do you have any projects going on? PS- come pin some home inspo with me here! I hope you guys have a great weekend and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx


  • Last week I posted a picture in a felt hat that was a blush color and got a lot of questions on it.  Unfortunately, that hat was part of the Nsale last year and is no longer available.  I LOVE so much though and it’s my go-to Fall/Winter hat.  I found a nearly identical one here that has great reviews.
  • Remember my white dress with the ruffle sleeves?  Eek, they came out with it in black!  It’s so cute, comfy and easy to dress up or down!
  • I got to scope a list of the best selling items of the Nsale this year and this lip kit was at the top!  I may need to snag one.  You guys know I am obsessed with this lip liner (it’s the only one I use) and I’m sure the gloss and lipstick are just as fantastic.
  • Grabbing this gold jewelry organizer to help me corral all of my bracelets and necklaces!
  • If you like our outdoor patio set, this one is REALLY similar and the price is jaw dropping.
  • I’ve seen this cap sleeve tee on several bloggers and think it’s so cute!  May need to snag one!

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