Beauty and Skincare I Stock up on During the Nsale

I’m so happy you guys are loving the Nsale content!  Today I wanted to highlight some of the beauty must haves I always stock up on during the sale!  These are tried and true items in my life – many of which I’ve used for years.  Using this sale is a great way to not only save money on items you love but you can also get to try some new products from brands you trust/use in gift sets that you wouldn’t have otherwise tried.  Hope you guys are having a great week and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

  • Kiehls Body Lotion– I use this body lotion religiously.  It makes your skin silky smooth and has the most beautiful texture and hardly any scent at all.  Apply this once and your skin will by hydrated throughout the day, I swear. I discovered this lotion when working at Neiman Marcus in Chicago (over 10 years ago!).  There are only a few times each year you can get a large value bottle so I always stock up- this will probably last me the entire year too (even with Austin using here and there!).
  • Donna Karen Deodorant– The best smelling deodorant you will ever use!  I was skeptical about this.  I really was…but years later, here I am.  I WILL SAY…during my pregnancy and for about two years after, the smell was strong for my sensitive nose.  But I’m back!  This set of 3 is $66 for an $87 value.
  • GloPRO–  As you guys know, I only started using this about 4 weeks ago so I feel like it is still too early to give a full review.  But I’m excited and follow many beauty bloggers who swear that this tool is the holy grail to the fountain of youth. If you’re not familiar, the GloPRO is a microneedling tool that you use several times each week for fuller, younger looking skin.  It is not painful for the record!  This set is an amazing value (you save $155) and the exact one I have.
  • Better Than Sex Mascara– My favorite mascara of all time!  I’ve used this for years and love how full it makes your lashes.  I’m excited to try this value set as I’ve never tried their lip product before.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Cream– I live for this cream!  I’ve used this for about 2 years and love what it does for my skin. I’ve seen it improve the texture and it’s extremely hydrating. I love that this set includes some additional products I’ve been wanting to try.

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