Summer Workout Update

Shorts (size 6)/ Tank (size 4)

Let’s talk fitness routines.  Are you in one right now?  In a rut?  It’s such a WEIRD time to make lifestyle changes, am I right?  On one hand, we’re home more- so the excuses of “busyness” don’t really apply (at least for me) but on the other hand, some days just feel HARD- mentally, physically and emotionally so maybe working out is the LAST thing on your mind.  I’ve felt both ends of the spectrum since the start of March which was when I decided to jump start my fitness routine again.  To rewind a bit, last year, I did BBG for 9 month straight.  You can see my 7 week review here and my 6 month post here!  I felt a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  I had muscles. I felt fit…until I didn’t.  My workouts became more difficult and I felt like my body was telling me I needed a break.  And so I took one from the BBG program (about a 7 month break).  I walked and did weekly spin classes but was still feeling like something was “off” in my body.  I saw several doctors, did a lot of tests and in March (one week before the shelter in place happened), I had 3 polyps of various sizes removed from my uterus.  What a blessing to discover what the heck was going on! My advice to you on this is to never ignore something “weird” going on in your body.  I KNEW something was off and pushed to get it diagnosed.  You are your own best advocate when it comes to your health!

Ok back to fitness…I had the all clear to workout after my surgery and since my anxiety about Covid was NEXT LEVEL, I decided I needed to do everything in my power to keep it under control.  I have a history of anxiety- much of which stems from the worry that my kids or myself will get sick so a global pandemic was a real doozy for me to wrap my brain around.  So I jumped in and restarted the BBG program all over again in an effort to get my mind somewhat right!  Fast forward 16 weeks later and I’m still going strong.  Is my body where it was week 16 the first time around?  No, much thanks to my Covid stress eating and drinking. But I’m so ok with it and feel strong and I like to think, a little bit calmer thanks to consistently working out.  My weight is still up about 5 lbs from my peak fitness (Covid diet…) and there are areas I still wish were more toned (lower stomach) but I feel so much better when I treat my body right.  My current schedule includes 3 BBG workouts, 2-3 cardio workouts (walking or Peloton) and I’ve recently started incorporating the Peloton yoga classes once per week to further my zen goals.  It looks something like this:

M- BBG Upper

T- off

W- BBG Lower

TH- walk


S- Peloton

S- Walk/Yoga

*I also use my Apple watch and try to get 10k steps each day and cannot stress enough how much I’ve enjoyed walking outdoors.  It feels great to be out of the house, listen to music or catch up with a friend on the phone.  I was never much of a walker before and honestly didn’t think it achieved much but I’m officially a fan of walking now.  I also ordered these weighted bangles and this belt bag to give a little boost to my walks!

As you may have seen in my stories, if it’s on a weekday, my workouts happen around my kids.  The crawl all over me, ask me for a million snacks, argue and interrupt a LOT but I get it done.  It’s funny because pre Covid, I would have NEVER attempted to workout with two kids at home.  I would have hired a sitter, gone to our gym or skipped it for all of those reasons.  If nothing else, this time has taught me that my kids will adapt and so can I! It may not be pretty, but the program allows me to be consistent and that is the KEY in seeing change.  Consistency is EVERYTHING when it comes to working out and this program gives me a simple plan that I can easily stick to which I love! Do I miss my Soul Cycle classes and gym sessions?  Yes!  But no matter where or how it happens, for my own sanity and that of my family, I’m committing to sticking with it even if it’s in my family room with my pajama clad kiddos stopping me every 5 minutes, lol. I’m linking all of my workout must haves below- like my favorite leggings (how good is the new Saddle Brown color they have?!) and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

My Workout Must Haves

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