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Similar Bowl/ Books 1, 2, 3 and 4/ Similar Marble Tray

Happy Monday!  I hope you guys had a great 4th of July weekend!  Ours was so nice and although it was just the four of us and not our typical 4th of July Holiday celebration, we made the best of it with a BBQ, water balloons, a trip to the beach and a movie night!  Austin and I wanted to watch Hamilton but each night we felt too tired to commit so hopefully this week we can watch!

Today I wanted to share our updated home decor with you!  Over the course of this quarantine we’ve focused our time and energy in doing home updates that we’ve put off since moving in a little over two years ago- also, as a side note, I actually found a box we never unpacked from the move this weekend…so there’s that!  It’s so hard to find time to complete home projects and adding two busy kids to the mix makes it all the more challenging but with Austin being home more and our weekends totally free, we’ve managed to accomplish a LOT.  Here’s a few things we’ve been busy working on and links to all of our current home decor (a lot of which is on sale)!

  • ROCKS- we are on a rock kick, lol.  We laid 3,000 lbs of pebbled rock in our side yard and Austin completely amazed me by transforming our front and back yard with dark black river rock. They compliment our garden area and landscaping so well and it is truly a BLESSING to not have an entire side yard of dirt. My inspo for the pebbled rock was from Studio Mcgee (shocker!).
  • We’re updating our powder room!  We switched our our faucet and shower head to this matte black modern style as well as switched our builder light fixture to this bell sconce I’m in LOVE with. It’s amazing how these little tweaks can totally transform a space! I’ll be sure to share the finished project when we’re done- this week Austin is installing a new toilet so that should be both entertaining and exciting! I also wanted to share this faucet which was our second choice (and may make it’s way into another bathroom!).
  • Coco’s room needed some finishing touches and these swan decals and canopy were just what it needed to make the room perfect for the most special little girl!  We’re waiting for some art to arrive as well as a desk her Grandparents are refinishing and then it should be complete!
  • We streamlined our digital life and cut the cord with cable and the Roku made it all possible! Never had I ever had so many DM’s from you guys asking specifically how we did this.  I’m thinking this may need to be it’s own blog post…
  • Austin replaced our garbage disposal and kitchen faucet which was a long ass day/project but so worth it!
  • It was so nice to move our coffee table back into our family room!  We debated replacing it since it has a marble top and if a child fell into it, that would be a problem but we haven’t had any issues at all so far so we’re thinking we’re past the stage where this is a real concern (of course, you never know though).  I love a curated home and had to add this book to my collection of coffee table books when we brought it back out!
  • Power washing our outdoor concrete and furniture was truly a joy, lol. So much so that we are planning on investing in our own power washer.  Austin also washed our windows with this incredible invention! The kids had a ball watching him do the upstairs windows and they look amazing.

There is a LOT of items on our master list of things we want to accomplish in this home but we’re weighing out how much to do/spend as this is not our forever home. I’d love to paint the exterior, add some built in’s and update our kitchen but all of those are VERY pricey so for now, we’re sticking to smaller(ish) projects and decor updates. I still have my eye on these chairs (sorry Austin!) and would love to spruce up our master bedroom…one of our TV’s is on the fritz and I’m seriously considering the Frame TV because a TV that looks like a piece of art when it’s not on seems like a luxury I need in my life, you feel me? What projects are on your home to-do list? I’d love to know and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

Coffee Table/ Sectional/ Striped Chair/ Fiddle Leaf Fig/ Velvet Throw Pillows/ Rug/ Similar End Table

Outdoor Furniture (sold out), Similar Here/ Rug/ Striped Pillows/ Lanterns/ Wine Glasses/ Tray

Chairs/ Art 1 and 2/ Frames/ Sconces 

Chairs- Found at a local consignment shop but similar here/ Similar Buffet/ Lamps/ Bowl/ Art from Home Goods/ Light

See Blog Post HERE for room sources

Bedding/ Lamps

Similar Credenza/ Lamp (Ballard Design)/ Grey Vase/ Grey Book/ Brown Book/ Large White Vase

Rug/ Slippers/ Denim

Bed/ Night Stand/ Lamps/ Bedding/ Swan Decals/ Canopy/ Unicorn

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