Birthday Wish List

Swimsuit (M in Top and Bottom)/ Rainbow Sprinkler/ Sunglasses/ Coco’s Swimsuit

Happy Monday!  I hope you guys had a great weekend!  Ours was so nice and the weather was gorge! Saturday I went on a socially distant walk with my Mom and then we spent some time at the pool.  Currently, Coco is a little fish and Griffin wants nothing to do with the water.  On Sunday we spent the day in the inflatable pool in the yard and let me tell you…it was money well spent!  The kids LOVE it and frankly, so do I.  We celebrated my Birthday with pizza and a cake (Austin and the kids baked together!) and went to bed early.  Basically, the best weekend! On a typical Birthday Austin and I celebrate together with a great dinner out (gosh, I miss dining IN restaurants).

This weekend we talked about what we would do first post Covid and let me tell you, sitting in a dark, moody steakhouse with great food and drinks is HIGH on the list, lol. As is travel!  We were supposed to be heading to Marco Island, Florida next week.  It’s one of our favorite places and we can’t wait to go back.  We made a mental list of all of the places we wanted to visit when this passes.  Mostly, I can’t wait to spend time with my family and friends.  I miss seeing and hugging them, wine and laughs with girlfriends, shopping with my Mom and crossword puzzles over coffee with my Dad. I miss seeing our kids with their friends and Grandparents too.

Although Birthdays during Covid are no doubt a little different, I did wake up this morning with so much gratitude. I’m grateful for the health and happiness of our family. I’m embracing the slower pace and extra time we get to spend together.  We’ve never spent so much time with Austin and it truly feels like a gift having him home so much! I’m also so grateful for all of you.  I feel like I’ve connected with you all more than ever over these last few months and I am so appreciative to each and every one of you.  Some of you have been here for the entire 5+ year blogging journey.  Thank you for being in this little space with me and I can’t wait to see what this year brings! xx

Ok…so, what’s on my Birthday list?  Let’s get to the good stuff, right?

  • Yoga mat – I’ve been starting to do more yoga at home (it’s honestly so good for me mentally) and my yoga mat is several years old and has only seen the inside of hot, sweaty studios.  I didn’t really want it on my clean carpet, you know? This one was perfect and I love the delicate design and pretty color (it’s also reversible).  Can’t wait to try it out this week! (the color I got is Dune/Misty Pink)
  • Cropped tee– You guys know I love something that can be worn multiple ways… for yoga AND errands.  I have this tee in the longer version and had to check out the cropped one too!
  • Bike back basket–  We’ve been living for our family bike rides!  Austin treated me to a bike basket for the back of my bike and now we just need to plan a picnic because I have all sorts of space to tote the food (and wine of course).
  • Leopard Heels– I ordered these (again).  In full transparency, I’ve ordered and returned them once before! I had remorse when I returned them so I ordered them again and can’t wait to try them on with clothes (which I did not do last time)!

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