10 Recent Amazon Purchases

I LOVE seeing what people buy on Amazon.  Tell me I’m not alone here, lol.  Today I’m sharing some of my recent Amazon finds with you!  They range from special little pick me ups (like the Home Edit book) to total MUST HAVES like that 10′ inflatable pool and everything in between!  You can click on any image above to shop or click on the links below.  I’d love to hear what you’ve purchased on Amazon recently and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

  • Bluelight Flashlight– SO appreciate you helping me out with my garden pests!  Many of you girls suggested getting one of these and taking it out at night to find the critters eating my tomato, basil and pepper plants!  Let’s just say that I gave Austin this job and he found SIX that had made cocoons in my leaves. I’m so weak but after having just had 5 monarch butterflies hatch, I just left them.  Hoping they hatch soon and my soap and water prevents their friends from joining in on the party.  Also, the package said that it can detect urine around toilets and on carpet.  Gross yet helpful if you have a dog like Lola!
  • Lego Fairytale Books– Coco got the Beauty and the Beast one for her Birthday and it was a HIT.  Unlike other Lego’s, once you put these little books together, all of the parts and pieces fit nicely INSIDE the book which then closes and can easily be stored away.
  • Studio Mcgee Book–  EEK I did NOT even know this was happening.  The INSTANT they announced they were dropping a book, I immediately pre-ordered and frankly, October can’t come soon enough.  In case you aren’t familiar, Studio Mcgee is interior goals and then some! Can’t wait to soak up every page of inspo in the Fall!
  • The Home Edit Book– Their 2nd book drops in September and I’m beyond excited.  I love their first book which creates actionable ways you can organize your home.  The girls are hilarious and their Instagram account is one of my faves for obvious reasons!
  • Balsamic Glaze– A totally random purchase that I’m LOVING.  I usually snag something similar at Trader Joe’s however, I’m mostly getting grocery delivery right now (which TJ’s doesn’t do).  In a pinch, I ordered this for our Caprese salads and have found myself drizzling it on everything from burgers to Caesar’s ever since!
  • Grey Maxi Dress–  I’ve had this dress in black for over two years (affectionately called my Mumu or self tanning dress) and it’s so good.  So many of you girls have snagged it as well and I felt like the grey just needed to be in my closet for those hot Summer days! It’s so comfy and cute.
  • Unicorn Slime– I have a love/hate relationship with slime.  The kids love it but I hate the process of making it and of course, the clean up.  This kit comes pre-made (yay) and has some really cute things for the kids to add to it! Each kind of slime comes in it’s own container too so no worries about mixing (unless you want to).  Coco also loves that there are different kinds of slime!
  • Bougie Soap– As you guys know, we’ve been working on our powder room.  I decided to treat my guests (when we have them again) to some fancy soap that smells amazing and matches our decor!
  • Rug Pad– We grabbed this rug pad for our new runner after reading the reviews.  You cut it to fit your size rug and it’s been great!
  • Inflatable Pool–  This just needed to be in our yard, you know?! Hoping it arrives in the next few days so I can give you girls a full review!

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