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Hello! Last week was a pivotal time in our world.  I know that we’ve collectively learned so much and I have great hope for the future.  I like to think that we are all moving forward for change, unity and peace for every single human being. Please know that just because social justice will not be the focus of my platform doesn’t mean it isn’t a focus within myself and my family.  Thank you for all of your sweet messages over the last week.  Some of the conversations I had with you all over DM were amazing, uplifting and educational and I am so grateful for each and every one of you and the kindness you continue to show me.  I really love and am so grateful for this community.

Today I’m sharing your Top 5 from the month of May!  You guys are shopping for Summer and I’m right there with you.  Summer is by far my favorite Season so I’m happy to share these with you and love that they were your favorites as well! I hope you guys have a great start to your week and as always, thank you so much for being here! xx


1.) Jean Jacket– A closet STAPLE.  In fact, it just may be worth of it’s own blog post soon.  Just scroll through my feed to see the many, many ways I’ve styled this over the last few years! I wear a size Small and also have (and love) this oversized one.

2.) Tan Luxe Drops– THE BEST.  I have an entire highlight and IG TV dedicated to this product!

3.) One Piece Suit– One of the most flattering suits I’ve EVER come across!  So many of you agree that this suit it bananas in the best possible way.  It’s one size fits all and I swear, the fabric just sits on top of your skin- there is zero digging in which I love!  There are a lot of cute styles too.

4.) Birkenstocks– As you know, Austin has claimed these as “birkencrocs” and yet we can all agree that they are THE sandal of the Summer and so fun.

5.) Leggings– Even though Summer is upon us, we’re all still rocking our leggings, am I right?  I can’t personally spin in shorts so I always wear these to workout (and just as regular clothes pretty much daily).  I have an entire blog post dedicated to them here in case you need a full rundown. I’m patiently waiting for the blue and white to come back in stock!

*I have to add that this striped tee was so close to making it into the top 5!  I love the color, fit and the under $10 price tag!

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