The Dyson Will Change Your Life- Here’s Why

Few purchases have changed my life as much as the Dyson has.  THAT IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION! Austin and I decided to finally invest in one around the Holidays and I truly wish I would have done it so much SOONER.  It is that amazing.  The biggest question I had when doing my research is how do I ever decide?  Which is the right model for our household? There were so many options.  So many V’s, lol (v8, v10…what did they all MEAN)?  I’m going to break it ALL down for you here.  I did the legwork for you and called Dyson.  I had a lovely (and lengthy) conversation with one of their reps about which would be the best for our family.  Here’s the scoop:

First, a background on our floors…we have unsealed hardwood, carpet, tile, area rugs, 2 kids (that we allow to eat places other than the kitchen table) and a dog that sheds. Umm call in the big guns, right? We also have stairs so a cordless option seemed like a dream come true!  Based on our specifications, the rep suggested this model here.  Only because it has a soft head attachment for our hardwood floors which would not scratch it (as if there aren’t already a million scratches on it but still…).  Once we narrowed down the model, it was up to us to decide on the V level which in basic terms, is how long the battery will last and how strong the suction is.  The higher the number, the longer you’ll be able to vacuum without charging it (and the higher the price). I can ALMOST vacuum our entire house on one charge (which is takes me about a 1/2 hour total).  So to note…if you don’t have hardwood, this model could also work for you since you. We went with the Absolute V8 and are beyond thrilled with it!

Our Vacuum

What I Love About It

  • It weighs under 6 lbs.  There is no lugging it around the house and up and down the stairs like with our old heavy ass vacuum.
  • There is NO CORD.  Can I tell you how irritating it was to lug our old vacuum out only to have to drag the cord, worry if Griffin would trip over it and then need to pick out the plug child lock (inevitably breaking a nail) to plug it in?  Then to get SO FAR with it and have it not extend and have the cord pull out of the wall?  None. of. that.
  • There are no bags.  For once, I don’t have to PURCHASE something else to accompany my vacuum (like a box of bags I then need to store somewhere). With one click, it opens and empties into your garbage. (ps- it is certified allergy and asthma friendly).
  • It easily (with one click) transforms into a handheld dust-buster that can be used in corners, in your car and about one million other places I discover daily! My most recent find was lifting up the couch cushions.  Let’s just say, I will be doing this on a regular basis moving forward. #gross Austin pulled down our vents in our bathrooms and did those with the crevice attachment and let me tell you…it was SO DIRTY and disgusting.
  • The attachments are SO easy to click in and out.  I never pulled out a manual for this machine.

What I Wish Were Different

  • I GUESS I could say I wish it lasted longer in terms of battery life.  Only because I just want to vacuum all day and when the battery dies I am actually disappointed.  But other than that, I am truly smitten!

Similar to our espresso machine, each time I use my Dyson on my stories, I get a flood of questions about it so I hope this helps!  Please let me know if you have any questions and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx




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