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A few weeks ago I solicited your advice for shampoo.  I needed to change the game.  I had been using Pantene for years and actually really liked it (and still do!).  But my bottle was running low and I was curious if I could be potentially missing out on another amazing shampoo opportunity.  I was curious and ready to branch out. So I asked for advice and you guys delivered!

My hair stylist ended up weighing in on the conversation and sending me some shampoo but I also wanted to share the top shampoo suggestions in case you guys were wanting to try any of them- there were a few that got suggested over and over again so they MUST be good!  I’ve been using the shampoo she sent in the mail for a few weeks now and I SWEAR I’ve noticed that my blond color looks brighter.  Is that even possible?! It also smells amazing.  I also ordered the Living Proof shampoo which arrived today.  I’ll be sure to report back on that when I have some feedback! As I mentioned in my stories, my hair is colored (just a little bit at this point!), oily and I prefer to wash it daily.  Kudos to you gals that can go 4 days between washes! Let me know your thoughts if you try any of these and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

*#1 recommended brand was Living Proof!

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day and Living Proof Detox

Olaplex System #3

Loreal Soft Cleanser

Oribe- scalp repair and regular shampoo

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