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Considering my jeans have been such a hit over the last 3 months, it was time they got their own place to shine here on the blog.  There are two pairs that I absolutely LOVE and have been sharing non-stop on my feed and in my stories.  With that, I’ve gotten a ton of questions on sizing, fit and my preference between the two so I want to break it down for you here.  Let me start by saying that it takes a lot for me to love a pair of jeans.  I have struggled with finding brands that I love, that fit my body and that are comfortable.  After a lot of trial and error, I discovered these jeans on a whim shopping trip IN STORE several months ago.  It was a rare occurrence that I actually went out to a mall even prior to Covid so the fact that I discovered these seems like it was a match made in denim heaven.  I’m actually so glad I saw them in person, because let me tell you…I’d never buy either pair off of seeing the photos online!  They are just so much cuter ON and in person.

For starters, I don’t consider myself a denim snob.  I’ve got a pair of Walmart jeans that fit like a freaking GLOVE. But I WILL invest in denim when it’s amazing because I know that I will wear them constantly (as seen in my IG feed). So the cost per wear is very small all things considered.  So let me break down each pair for you! First, they each have a style name (as seen below).  I’m linking options at several retailers below of my EXACT jeans (style, color and hem).  This means though that if you LOVE the Cindy, there are OTHER Cindy options you can purchase down the road (maybe a dark wash for Fall/Winter) should you choose to.  I feel like it’s important to mention this in case you fall in love with them!  I hate finding an amazing pair of jeans and then you can never find them again if you want another pair.  But I digress…

It also must be said that having never purchased a pair of denim from this brand before the Nsale in July, I am SO impressed by the quality.  Additionally, I feel like the designer (her name is Paige), must be mentioned.  She is a California native (and former Miss California!) and after being the most sought after denim fit model in the industry, she branched out and created Paige Denim knowing exactly how the very best denim should fit and feel.  And here we are! I love knowing the background stories on brands and how the developed.  One of the main questions I’ve gotten is if I had to pick ONE pair, which would it be.  Although it’s so tough, I’d have to say the Cindy ONLY because it has a BIT more stretch and you KNOW I love a stretchy, comfy denim!  I hope this helps and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx


The Cindy

  • The distressed raw hem SOLD ME.  It’s beyond cute. I’m 5’4 for reference.
  • Straight leg (fitted through hip and thigh though)
  • Mid/High Rise
  • STRETCH (essential in my book). 93% cotton, 5% poly, 2% spandex
  • Soft as hell
  • Love the lighter wash for Spring/Summer
  • Cute with sandals, heels, flats
  • Priced at $219, currently on sale in several places linked below

The Sarah

  • I loved the fit of the Cindy so much that I had to try a second pair.  Enter, the Sarah
  • Purchased because I wanted the LOOK of the Levi Wedgie but needed some stretch. Comfort is a MUST!
  • Not AS much stretch. 98% cotton, 2% elastane
  • True high rise
  • Straight leg all the way down (fitted through hips)
  • Faded color (love it) and ripped at the knees but not hem
  • Priced at $239, currently on sale at some retailers as linked below


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