3 Sunglass Trends I’m Loving Right Now

It’s officially Sunglass Season and whether you are in need of an upgrade in that department or just want to try something new, this post is for you.  There was once a time where I invested in expensive sunglasses.  For the most part that was pre-kids but after leaving a pair of Celine’s on a breakfast table in Hawaii and never seeing them again, I’ve reconsidered spending a fair amount of money on this accessory.  I should also add that I lost a pair of Karen Walkers and Ray Ban Wayfarers all in the same year!  Which makes me all the more excited that this accessory is coming back in style! Clearly it’s something I need in my life as I can’t seem to keep track of my specs, lol.

I’ve fully embraced spending about a quarter of what I have in the past on sunnies and branching out with a few different styles I can mix and match depending on the day or outfit.  It won’t surprise you that comfort is still a top priority for me even with sunglasses.  If they bother my ears or the nose pads feel weird, I won’t wear them so you can rest assured that these are all comfy and stylish. I’m excited to see where the sunglass trends land (I have a feeling we’re heading back to the 90’s and 2000’s with the long rectangle shapes and tiny ovals) in the next year.  Below are the frames that I’m obsessed with and a few more extra’s I’m loving. As always, thank you so much for following along! xx

The Cat Eye- Always a classic.  These sunglasses have literally been worn more than any others I have.  The shape is beautiful and they are light weight despite being plastic.  The style is oh so chic and I’ve gotten countless compliments on them.  They are a popular frame right now which has allowed me to see them on many people and I can vouch that they look great on everyone! I’ve had them for almost 2 years and am impressed with how well they’ve held up (I’m known to toss my glasses in my purse or car). Also available in tortoise.

The Aviator- (currently on sale) Also a classic shape! What sold me on these ones is the color.  The description can be deceiving as it is called Gold/Teal but they look Gold/Black on as you can see in the photos.  These are great everyday glasses.  I’ve worn them to everything from long walks to simple errands and can’t say enough good things about them.  Aviators can be tricky with the size (some too big and some too small) but these are just right!

The Extreme Cat Eye- This was a trend I wanted to try so I figured, for under $14 why not? And I love them!  They’re so fun, really light weight and I gotta say…I’m a huge fan.  These make a statement for sure (and are a dupe of a $495 pair)! These are the ones I got but am linking a few similar styles as well below!

Blue Light Glasses- Honorable mention for this post.  We’re constantly staring at our phones and computers so these glasses block out the blue light that our devices emit (blue light can impact your sleep and many other things). You can get plain blue light glasses (like these) if you don’t have a prescription or in my case, I had my frames made and added a blue light blocking filter along with my prescription.  Since many of us are working from home and probably staring at our electronics now more than ever, I thought I’d share some styles I love.

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