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Thank you all so much for your kind words about the BBG review post and my Workout Schedule post! I appreciate you guys and love hearing that what I put out there resonates with you.  Having said that, whenever I post anything regarding makeup on my Insta Stories, I always get a handful of questions about makeup brushes- which are my favorites, which brand do I use and which would I recommend…so lets dig in to this fun topic.

First, I am not one to buy a full brush set…not that there is anything wrong with that at all, but it’s just not the direction I went for brushes.  I found in researching sets, that I personally wouldn’t use some of the brushes which to me, is a waste.  I’d rather buy exactly what I need.  So over the years, as my makeup routine has evolved, I have collected brushes.  Makeup brushes are an investment BUT they are something you should only have to buy once…as in, they should last YEARS (like 20 plus) if you treat them right and buy ones that are of good quality.

How do I know this?  Because I started to make this investment about 18 years ago.  That’s when my Mom bought me my first Bobbi Brown brush- and I was hooked!  They are beautifully made, don’t shed and above all, make your makeup application easier, quicker and BETTER.  As in, with the right tools, you’ll look better.  I get a lot of comments on my eye-makeup and “how good I am” at eye makeup…guys…it’s not me!  The brushes do it all. It’s all in the tools.  Today I’ll share which brushes I use for all of my makeup.  For the most part, you’ll find my loyalty is with two specific brands.  This is because I’ve used those brands for years-  I worked with those makeup artists when I worked for Neiman Marcus and trust the quality of the product.  There are probably some other really great options out there though!  So let’s break it down:


Powder Brush– I use this for all over face powder

Bronzer Brush–  After having the same brush (from the Body Shop- do they even make makeup brushes even more, HA!) since HIGH SCHOOL, I decided to invest in this brush thanks to the recommendation of a few of my favorite bloggers.  It has lived up to the hype and I absolutely LOVE how it distributes the bronzer evenly and smoothly!

Blush Brush– I use this for a pop of color, right on the apples of my cheeks.

Highlighter–  I use this to dust highlighter on my cheekbones


Eye Brow– I use this brush to fill in my brow powder

Brow Groomer– You could probably find this on Amazon for a buck but I love this one!  I always brush my brows before filling in my brow powder.

All Over Eye Shadow Brush–  I use this brush to put shadow ALL over my lid- up to my brows.

Lid Brush–  This brush is just for color to go directly ON you eyelid. It should stop at the crease.

Crease Brush– THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TOOLS THAT IS A GAME CHANGER.  Take the darkest color you want to use and use this brush to make a windshield wiper motion JUST IN YOUR CREASE. This will give a beautiful smokey look.

Smudge Brush– This is another game changing tool!  I put liner under my bottom lashes, dip this brush into a TINY bit of my crease color and gently smudge and blend the liner…this creates a cohesive look with your shadow and sort of brings everything together!

Brush Cleaning Pad– This is the bomb for cleaning your brushes! And it’s under $5!

Do you have any favorite brushes?! I’d love to know and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

* Two things to note:  Laura Mercier no longer makes combo brushes (a brush on each end) although they do make each one individually which I linked above.  I did see that Bobbi Brown makes a combo brown groomer/brush here though if you’re interested! Also, they have changed the color of the brush hair on the highlighter brush (as you can see in my photo above, the hair is white and black but it is now brown and black).  Like I said, most of my brushes are over 10 years old so naturally the brands have changed some things-  the important thing is, the actual brushes are still exactly the same.  

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