Lounge Wear Must Haves

Honestly, I have held back on this post!  Mostly because I’m super picky with what I love and want to share with you guys but also because over the last 3 weeks, lots of the lounge wear I DO love has sold out fast.  The last thing I want to do is share something with you guys that isn’t available…having said that, this post has been in the works for weeks! You guys know I’m all about comfort.  My jeans need to be stretchy and I wear sports bras more than regular bras.  Comfort is everything to me!  So I’m excited to share some comfy, cozy pieces that I KNOW you will just love during this crazy time.

I also want to mention that I rarely am wearing pajamas (no judgement if you’re not getting dressed!)…I do get dressed daily and you can usually find me in joggers or my go-to leggings and a cute and cozy top.  PS, you can read my detailed legging break down here.  I am on the hunt for a great sweat suit set and some brands on my radar are Lauren Moshi, Z Supply and Aviator Nation.  I have yet to find the perfect set yet though so stay tuned on that! I hope this post helps you live your coziest quarantine life and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

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