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We made it to another Friday in quarantine! This week was another good one for us.  I’m not sure if we’re just finding our cadence with all of this, if it was a matter of me staying off the news or a combination of both but we are doing all right.  One big change was the Coco started school this week.  The first day I was overwhelmed but we are getting the hang of it now. Essentially she had to learn basic computer skills on the first day because she had never used one before…that’s not to say she hasn’t had screen time.  Trust me, she’s had plenty on her Ipad and thanks to Disney Plus. As I was teaching her how to use a MAC at age 5, I was thinking about how she is probably the youngest generation in history to learn how to use a computer because of this situation which is very cool and crazy all at the same time.

We’ve all benefited from having a semblance of a schedule even if it’s just “time for your writing work!”. I’ve really enjoyed being so involved with what she’s learning and seeing her be excited about math is thrilling to me.  I was one of those kids that was pegged as “bad at math” from a young age and while true to some extent, it was annoying to not be able to shake that. Learning to juggle home school with parenting a busy two year old and work has been interesting to say the least and I literally bow down to parents doing it with 3+ kids or parents that need to actually be in a home office all day and are still juggling it all.  I guess it’s all a lot, right?  No matter your situation, it’s all a lot!  Which is why we have wine, ice cream Snickers bars and RHOBH premiering next week!  Gotta count our blessings where we can, lol.  I hope you guys have a great weekend and as always, thank you so much for being here!  I have so much love for our community and am so grateful for you.  xx

  • I’m so excited to get these joggers in the mail.  I love the grey color and can’t wait to see them in person!
  • Our favorite pajamas for the kids (and one of my favorite brands) are currently 40% off! Stocked up for both kiddos- how cute are these motorcycle ones?!
  • Being at home so much is totally inspiring me to tinker around with decorating and what we ultimately want to do with our home/space.  While we know this is not our forever home, I’m having fun moving things around and “shopping” our own home to freshen up our space for Spring. One thing I’m majorly missing are weekly fresh flowers from Trader Joe’s! Current things I’m loving are these accent chairs, this bowl in black, and everything from the Studio Mcgee Target collection. I’m also considering smaller updates like new cabinet hardware, door handles and bathroom fixtures.  We love this faucet from Kohler but you can find the look for less here.  I love a small change that makes a big impact!
  • My favorite eye gel pads are perfect for all of your self care needs during the quarantine!  I see such a difference when I use them AND this brand has started making hand sanitizer!  Even more amazing is that the brand is donating 5000 sanitizers to people working on the front lines of the Covid-19 epidemic in New York!
  • If you need a yoga mat for your home workouts, I love the design of this one and it’s $31!

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