4 Things in our Home That Were Worth the Investment

Austin and I got to talking the other night about what we are SO glad we have at home during this crazy time.  I felt like I had to spill the tea because these things have changed our lives for the BETTER especially now that we’re home so much.  We each picked our top two items we could NOT live without for you below!  Some of these seemed like a lot to spend financially but when you think about cost per use (and in some instances, the cost savings), they were well worth the investment. Austin and I are really picky about what we buy for our home (shocker) and we do our homework prior to making all purchases regardless of the cost.  We are both drawn to things that make our lives more convenient and or easier overall and each one of these items does just that.  I’d love to know what things you can’t live without right now and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

PS- honorable mentions for me would be the Peloton and the Sweat fitness app- but more on those in the coming weeks!

Kara’s Must Haves

1.) Dyson Vacuum- I feel like this deserves its own post tbh.  And I promise, I’ll provide that for you soon.  But just know that I did the leg work for you here if you have mixed floors like we do.  What I mean by that is that we a combo of carpet, delicate unfinished hardwood and tile in our homes. And a pet.  And two kids.  We needed the big guns.  So I called Dyson and chatted with someone about which model would be the best for us and this was it.  And quite honestly, I was sick of lugging our giant vacuum all over the house and having to pull the child lock plug out of every outlet to plug it in. Not to mention I had a tile vacuum, a carpet vacuum and a dust buster.  So essentially, I was able to eliminate 2 of those once I got the Dyson because it does the work of ALL of those things and is cordless and is so light weight. Our Dyson model is currently on major sale and has next biz day delivery!

2.) Nespresso Machine- ALSO deserving of it’s own post!  Making and enjoying my coffee in the morning is one of the simplest pleasures.  I look forward to it daily.  If you’ve been here for a while, you know I had the Pixie model for years.  And while I still LOVE that, in December, we got the Vertuo model.  The reason being is that we had a Keurig machine as well as the Pixie because Austin likes a traditional cup of coffee.  The Vertuo makes both espresso drinks and a cup of coffee so that eliminated one machine. I’m all for anything that clears the clutter.  I have a highlight over on my Instagram account called COFFEE and you can check there for lots of additional info.  Also, stay tuned for a dedicated blog post to this very important topic! This is a crazy good deal on our exact model.  The frother itself is $100 so essentially you’re getting the machine for just $73!

Austin’s Must Haves

1.) Roku- When Disney Plus launched, I knew we were going to sign up! Most importantly, I wanted to save money on all of the rentals I was having to do! Our TV was too old to be compatible with Disney Plus, so we had to invest in the Roku.  You may have updated TV’s but if not, this is AMAZING.  It puts all of your streaming services in one place (so I access Netfilx, Hulu, Amazon and Disney Plus all in the same spot). We loved it so much we added a second one upstairs (so we didn’t have to watch Tiger King on my computer anymore, lol).

2.) Nest Thermostat- Austin geeks out on making things “smart” in our home.  And I’m here for it because frankly, if it were up to me, I’d probably never adapt to any new technology. I still have a personal yahoo email address, ok? At least it’s not AOL! But any-who, he upgraded our thermostats to these and I HAVE TO SAY…they’re freaking awesome.  You can control your home temperature from your phone.  You can control it when you’re not home.  It feels like magic to be out on a walk with our family and turn the AC on so the bedrooms can cool off before bedtime. Also, you can see the exact temperature in each room.  When my kids were babies I was neurotic about the temperature in their rooms (there is a SIDS risk factor with warm rooms) so this purchase actually gave me piece of mind. We also put ours in ECO mode as much as possible which saves you money on your bill each month!

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