The Only Undergarments You Need in Your Drawer

Today we’re talking about what goes UNDER your clothes.  And let me tell you, I’ve done my homework in this category and truly believe I have this figured out for you.  Finally.  It took me years of VPL’s, wedgies and overall discomfort before I found exactly the right regimen of underwear for every situation in my life.

So if you’ve been with me here for a while, you know that I am anti thong underwear.  I only wear them when they are an absolute MUST and when that happens, there is only one kind I wear which we will get to in a minute!  Let’s break it down:


I can’t remember when I discovered these gems.  They are ONE SIZE FITS ALL, seamless and overall incredible.  Having tried a bevy of “seamless” underwear which really showed a lot of “seams”, I was skeptical to invest in these.  But thank goodness I did because they really stand up to their claim of being seamless.  As in, they completely disappear under your clothes. Even yoga pants! Oh joyous day. Knowing how much I detest thongs, can you imagine my excitement?  They are the best and I wear them everyday and frankly am proud of the amount of girlfriends I’ve converted to these.

If I Must Wear a Thong:

It’s these.  Hands down!  The most comfortable of the uncomfortable.

The Best Everyday Bra:

Hands down, the best.  Perfect under t-shirts, silk tops, v-necks…just about anything. It provides optimal support and a good amount of coverage as well.  I love how seamless it looks under clothes (no bulges or bumps!).  This bra has been my saving grace.  If you’re looking for an option without underwire, I LOVE this one which would be my comfort runner up!  So I must say, I also enjoy this bra which I purchased on sale over the Holidays…but I do find it to be on the lesser end of the support spectrum.  It’s very comfy but I want to be transparent if you’re bigger busted or prefer more support, this may not be the bra for you.  If not, it’s likely you’ll love it!

The Comfiest Sleep Bra:

So I’m at a point in life where I need to sleep with a bra on.  I just feel much more supported if you get my drift!  This bra is so so comfy and supportive without being constricting! I often wear it during the day too, lol! If you’re smaller busted you could literally wear this bra around the clock and you’d be the most comfortable person, always! This bra is currently on sale and has over 3400 reviews!

The Best Sports Bra


This  robe is LIFE!  The prints are SO cute (lemons, leopard print, stars…).  They run tts and I love how light weight and comfy they are.  I hate when robes are so giant and big and plush- you can actually live your life in this robe, lol.  They come in two lengths and I prefer the long! They tend to sell out fast so I wanted to mention now that it would make a great Mother’s Day gift!

Do you have any favorite undergarments? I’d love to know what they are!  As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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