10 Things I’d LOVE to get For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner so today I thought I’d share with you exactly what is on my list! I had a reader reach out and say she wanted to forward some ideas onto her husband (I’m ALL for this idea!). You guys know when I make a wish list, it’s strategic and specific, lol. They can be years in the making, lol.  Just see this Wish List post here.  Not much has changed on that one!

This Mother’s Day seems especially big because Mother’s are doing a whole lot more than they ever have.  They are home schooling and spending more time than ever with their families.  They are cooking more, doing more laundry, breaking up more sibling fights and some are juggling work the entire time.  And while that is such a blessing, it is also a lot! Mentally, physically and emotionally.  Today I’m sharing 10 things I currently love or would love right now! So go ahead and forward this onto someone that wants to treat you this year or even better?  Treat yourself!  Lord knows you deserve it! As always, thank you so much for following along! xx

  1. Cute Mug– I love a cheeky coffee cup and these one is so sweet.  I miss my Mom a LOT and truly feel this little message inside the cup!
  2. Grapefruit Candle- My love for candles runs deep!  But they need to be safe. I’ve been wanting to try this brand for a while now and the Grapefruit scent seems perfect for the warm weather we’re having!
  3. Portrait of Family Home- I absolutely LOVE this idea. Nothing beats a personal gift and this one is so special.  When my Mom sold the home we grew up in, it was hard on all of use (probably me the most).  I’ve been back once to visit and saved the chandelier from our foyer but seeing a painting of it would make me smile everyday when I walked by it!
  4. Letter Necklace- Such a sweet and delicate piece!  I’ve had this necklace for years and wear it everyday.  It never comes off!  I started with a C and then added the G.
  5. Silk Pillowcase- I’ve been dying to try this!  Not only is it supposed to help with wrinkles but doesn’t it seem so cool?  As someone who runs hot, this just LOOKS refreshing.
  6. SMEG Tea Kettle- We love our toaster so much and I’d love this kettle for my tea or lemon water!
  7. APL- These shoes have been on my list and this color combo is too good!  They’d be perfect for family walks or at home workouts!
  8. Nail Polish Set- My favorite nail polish comes in a gorgeous set of pretty pink colors!  Watch my At Home Manicure Tutorial Here!
  9. Robe- I have this robe in the star print and the patterns make them so fun!  They are lightweight and come in two different lengths.
  10. YSL Sandals- A splurge item had to be added to this list! These sandals are on my investment wish list.  I love the classic shape and this color (and the brown ones) have me drooling.
  11. Wine Glasses-  We’ve slowly created a new collection of wine glasses after years of cheap, mis-matched ones circulating through our home.  These ones are shatter resistant, dish washer safe and best of all…they have such a modern shape.  We currently have these and these stemless ones but would love to add these to our list!

Ok so I KNOW I said 10…and I’m already at 11 items.  But I had to share this sweet wooden engraved recipe cutting board.  I have tons of recipes in my Mom’s handwriting and would love this!  Please note, that they will NOT be ready in time for Mother’s Day if you order one but this would make a sweet Birthday gift too!

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