My Go-To Self Care Rituals

Times are crazy and uncertain right now, there’s no doubt about it.  We’re all finding our new normal at home- maybe you or a spouse is now working from home or maybe you suddenly find yourself home with kids that are normally at school.  Austin and I are navigating our new normal as a family with him working from home and Coco no longer in school (California kiddos are likely home until Fall).  He’s been setting up his new home office while I’ve been trying to figure out how to teach my 5 year old Kindergarten with a curious 2 year old running around.  It is effing NUTS, lol.

All of this change is in ADDITION to the anxiety felt about the pandemic and the desperation to keep our parents home!  Why do they think grabbing a quick Dunkin Donut coffee is still ok?  #itsnot #stayhome Basically, what I’m trying to say here is that it has NEVER been more pertinent to focus on some good old fashioned self care.  Today I want to share the very simple and inexpensive ways I give myself much needed self care.  I know many of you meditate and I’m starting to think I should get into a daily habit of doing that as well…I’ve downloaded the Insight Timer app but just need to make time for it.  I hope you guys are doing well and staying healthy and as always (maybe now more than ever), I so appreciate you being here.  xoxo

  • Read a Book/Journal– I love to read and am currently reading this book which is nice and light.  If you like uplifting reads, my favorite author is Emily Giffin!  For the record, Austin said journaling and while I have never written in an actual journal, I get what he means when he says he writes down on paper anything that’s distracting him or worrying him.  Out of mind and onto paper is always a good idea.
  • Do a Beauty Ritual (nails, face mask, self tan)– I’m not a mask person (although these eye patches are life changing) but I LOVE an at home manicure.  I find it so relaxing and generally thrive with a fresh mani, lol.  Just like I said in my stories this week…if you see me with bare nails over 3 days in a row, be concerned.  I live for this baby pink color and this base and top coat make ALL the difference in your at home mani lasting for days.  You guys know I feel great with a bronzy glow so I’m still doing my weekly self tanning even if nobody besides Austin and my kids are seeing me!
  • Take a Shower- The simplest of rituals but Moms everywhere- especially those that shower with kiddos will understand this.  I’ve ALWAYS loved a hot shower.  I can be in the worst mood after a long day and find that a hot shower instantly lifts my mood and shifts my mentality.  There’s something so relaxing about the water and those 10 (or 20 minutes of alone time).
  • Listen to a Podcast- I’m a huge pop culture and Bravo fan so my favorites are The Morning Toast (toasters!!!) and Bitch Sesh. I almost never miss an episode of The Morning Toast.  I’ll pop my earbuds in while I’m unloading the dishwasher, cleaning or organizing and zone out.
  • Organize- Nothing puts me into a next level zen mood like an organizing sesh.  Give me a garage, junk drawer or craft cabinet and I will happily put myself to work.  I had big plans to organize over these next few weeks but I don’t have nearly the “free time” during the day I thought I’d have, lol. Still, my medicine cabinet and linen closet are on my lists! Check out my pantry organization and closet organization posts if you need some inspo!
  • Workout- A good sweat sesh is good for the body and soul.  I’m not cleared from my surgery to workout until Friday so Austin and I have been trying to get a daily walk in with the kids. The fresh air always feels amazing!  If you’re wanting to incorporate more at home workouts, I’ve been a loyal BBG fan for a year and a half.  I did a review on the program in this post and a 6 month update in this post.  We also have the Peloton which I reviewed here!
  • Cook- (lol, kidding) But I know many people find it relaxing!  This is a great time to experiment with new recipes if that’s your jam! For me, I’m counting down the minutes until I can dine in at my fave restaurants again!

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