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Jean Jacket (on sale!)/ Sunglasses/ Bing Shirt (runs big)/ Leopard Skirt (similar)/ Handbag/ Shoes (similar)

Who is your Fashion Icon? This is a tough one!  I love Rosie Huntinton-Whiteley and Olivia Palermo in terms of celebs. I’m very inspired by women that I see on Instagram and Pinterest that aren’t necessarily famous too! You can Pin along with me here.

Can you share the little earrings you wear daily?  If you can believe it, I think I got these for my 16th Birthday?  Maybe even my 13th!  I’d have to check with my Mom to be sure.  I got them at a local jewelry shop in Michigan (Tapper’s!) and almost never take them off unless I’m going to wear a “fun earring” to go out. I sleep and shower in them and love that you don’t even notice that you’re wearing anything at all.  I found almost identical ones here and here. You can see all of my everyday jewelry in this post too!

Are you worried about Covid-19? How are you handling all of this? Just like all of you, I’m doing the best I can.  Some days I’m upset and some days I do ok.  I try and stay off the news as best as I can because I find that it really fuels the flames of my anxiety.  I’ve shared before but I’ve dealt with anxiety my entire life and something like this could certainly tip the scale for me so I’m trying to stay as calm as possible.  Mostly, I worry about Austin or I getting it or my parents or in-laws getting it.  My Dad had a major heart surgery several weeks ago (6 hours with a team of 30 people in the room).  I don’t want to go into too much detail but he ended up with an infection at his incision site that now requires him to get IV antibiotic infusions daily for the next 6 weeks. He is in his 70’s and with cardiac issues.  He HAS to leave his home each day to get life saving medication.  So when I see or hear of people not doing their part to stay home, to protect people who NEED it, it really upsets me.  I think it’s selfish and it makes me sad. Everyday my feelings alter between scared, mad and sad…but I’m trying to stay positive for myself and my family.

Your Current Eye Cream? Currently I’m using La Mer and have been for about 2 years.

Still a fan of Golden Goose? I’m debating a pair. I am.  I would love a pair of high tops like these but am holding off for the time being. You can read my post dedicated to GG sneakers here!

Are you still breastfeeding? If so, how often? Yes! Loving all of the sweet snuggles, especially now. I’d say 4-5 feedings in 24 hours is pretty accurate.

Do you really like the Billie Razor? Ha! I loved this question and I assume you’re asking like that because a lot of influencers talk about it? My favorite part is that it gets delivered in my mail so it’s one less thing I need to add to my list of things to remember to pick up.  Also, the fact that it has a magnet that clips to your shower wall is life changing!

Do you think your family is complete? I do! We are so happy with two kids.  Right after we had Griffin, I wanted a 3rd and I went back and fourth for a while.  Austin has always felt we were complete with two and I’m right there with him now!

Do you have a “nice/investment” watch?  If not, which would you choose if you could have any?  I have a big b-day coming up! Ooh, I LOVE this question! I have this Michele watch and have had it for 16 YEARS now.  I love that it is still relevant and just as classic now as it was when I first purchased it. Having said that, if I could choose ANY watch right now and had an unlimited budget, it would be a Rolex (which one would be such a hard choice) or the Cartier tank watch.

Can you recommend a tinted moisturizer? I’m half black so my skin is light brown. My go-to is this one from Laura Mercier.  I’ve used it for over 15 years! It has coverage that you can build depending on your preference.

Thanks for sharing about your surgery.  How was your recovery?  I have the same procedure scheduled for April (although it will probably be cancelled now). My recovery was pretty easy although I had a few setbacks. If you’re just having a hysteroscopy that is diagnostic (meaning they don’t remove anything), you’ll be up and running the next day. Mine was surgical as they removed 3 polyps (one was large).  I felt GREAT the day of and even the following day.  Day 3 was the worst for me.  My bladder felt weird- almost like I had a UTI which I was told was normal and pretty bad cramping (felt like early labor).  Make sure you have Tylenol and a heating pad was a life saver!

Do you use a heat protector for your hair? If so, what kind? I do- I love this one! I feel like it creates such a smooth blowout too.

This is random, but which Dyson did you get?! I need one with all the kids home all day, lol. OMG I relate to this so much! A Dyson is an investment but so worth it in my opinion!  I absolutely LOVE mine and look forward to vacuuming now.  Is that weird?! I spoke with someone at Dyson because we have raw (not sure that’s even the right term) hardwood floors so I wanted to make sure we got one that wouldn’t scratch that but that also worked for rugs/carpet too.  We got this one and have never looked back!

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