Ideas to Keep the Kids Occupied and Happy at Home

We’ve officially been quarantined for 11 days! How are you guys doing?  We’re doing pretty good over here!  We’re staying positive and appreciating the little things which I think is the most important part. Last week was sort of an experiment being home with both kids and Austin…he needed to take calls, we needed to be out of his way and both kids needed to be active and entertained and I needed to not let my anxiety consume me, lol. It was a juggling act for sure!

While I applaud the colorful schedule charts I’m seeing circulate online, I heeded the advice of Coco’s Kinder teacher and my Mom gut last week and let everyone just settle in and adjust to our new normal.  We woke up late, ate weird things at weird times (ice cream for lunch twice), played a lot, rarely got out of our jammies and collectively went to bed around 9. We also watched lots of movies! I dabbled in all sorts of websites people recommended and found what works for us.  My goal each day is to do a little school work, a little art work, reading and something active.  Anything besides that is a win in my book.

Our focus is on reading per Coco’s teacher so each day I try and have the kids each pick out two books…I read all 4 and then Coco gets to try and read one to Griffin and I.  Sometimes we get through all of them, sometimes we make it through 2 but regardless we are reading. I wanted to share some activities and things we use/do to keep our sanity and keep our kids happy!  Depending on the ages of your kids, this may or may not apply to you! We are NOT above screen time in this house.  In fact, besides reading, all of Coco’s school work is done digitally.  This is the Ipad we have for the kids…and this is the monstrous case so when they inevitably drop it, it doesn’t break, lol. I’d love to know any activities you guys are doing over these next few weeks and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

Toys that We Love

Mini Slime Kit– this slime is GREAT because the containers are small!  You won’t have slime everywhere, lol.

Fairy Garden

Face/Body Paint Kit

Kinetic Sand

Art Kit

Necklace Making- Coco has two of these (Disney Princess and My Little Pony)

Jewelry Making Kit

Sandbox– we used it over the weekend for Coco’s Barbies and their beach vacation.

Car Stamp Kit

Play Dough- snagged this for Coco and this for Griffin

Accounts I Love that have Great Ideas 



@lalalunchbox (lunch ideas for littles)

@dictatorlunches (lunch ideas for littles- Jenny Mollen’s account!)

Websites We Use

Cosmic Kids Yoga– we try and do one 15 minute session daily

Scholastic– Our primary site for Coco

ABC Mouse– We haven’t used but have heard great things!

Free Ideas

Take a Virtual Farm Tour

Creating Your Own Book- Coco and I “made a story” about a seahorse family.  She colored each page and we wrote the words together.

Scavenger Hunts- we did an indoor hunt and outdoor one- Pinterest is a great resource for this!

Free Webcams at the San Diego Zoo

Painting Rocks

Reading Time (see above)

Nature Walk/Hike

Feed the Ducks at local pond/lake

Make a fort/tent

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